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Canberra.Australia.March 23-24

Aussie Peace Walk

23-24 March 2024

7 to 42km Walks 23-24 March 2024

PO Box 490 Hall, ACT, 2618









What Country Will You Represent?

The Aussie Peace Walk is a two-day intercultural walking festival that draws participants to Canberra from around the world to experience the sights and sounds of ‘the Bush Capital.’

Join us on one walk or take on one of the two-walk combinations. Walks range from 7 km to 42 km, Let’s foster peace and understanding by forging new connections with our fellow walkers.

Choose Your Events

Program of Events

MegaMingle: The Marathon + 24km

MultiMingle: A 21km + 24km walk (popular)

MoseyMingle: An 11km + 12km walk

MarchMingle: Saturday or Sunday options: 7km

Entry Fees

23-24 March 2024

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New Family Event


Are you ready to celebrate your cultural roots and make new friends along the way?

A new must-attend social event that aims to stimulate intercultural understanding, friendship and community

IML Walk in Indonesia Yogyakarta

Jamie and his wife, Yvonne, regularly man the IML Information Desk at the Aussie Peace Walk. Come and ask them about their adventures walking around the world.Officially known as the Jogia International Heritage Walk, the Yogyakarta IML event is held in November each...

IML Walking in San Antionio and Yatsushiro

Diana goes IML walking in Yatsushiro Japan and San Antionio USA

The Settlers Track

A story about a walk along the Settlers Track in Namadgi National Park near Canberra ACT

Get Ready to Mingle in March 2024

We are excited to announce that from 2024, the 7km routes will now become the MarchMingle

Walking for Pleasure

For those who enjoy the Aussie Peace Walk, ACT Walking for Pleasure offers the opportunity to maintain your social walking practice throughout the year.

volunteers at desk
Collecting a checkpoint kit

As a participant or supporter, there are several ways you can get involved in fundraising.

Choose a charity to support. Make a donation or select your prefered charity when you register to walk.

How much you can raise?

mum and child

About Canberra

Discover Canberra and get the most from your visit. Why not stay for a week? You will find plenty to see and do.

Read about our 30,000 years of history. Visit our famous national attractions and discover Canberra lifestyle.

About Rotary

There are 33,000 Rotary Clubs in the world, so it is no surprise that many people have heard of Rotary. But, do you know what Rotary does?

Discover what a Rotary Club is….

Event History

The Aussie Peace Walk began life as a two-day walking challenge in 1991.

The first Canberra Two-Day Walk.

The first Aussie Peace Walk.


Walk the world

“When I completed my first two-day walk, I was so sore after 2 x 30km that I felt I deserved an extra medal; so I joined the IML program! Many years later I began travelling to international IML events.

I recommend that anyone who finishes the qualifying two walks at the Aussie Peace Walk should sign up for the IML program. You never know what adventures await.”

Diana Marshall

Canberra ACT

“We love walking and travelling and IML events have led us to many places we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

We’ve made lifelong friendships with people around the globe and seen, listened to, and experienced other countries at a local level.

Reconnecting with international friends at each IML event is always a highlight.”

Jamie & Yvonne Stewart

Melbourne Vic.

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