The 4th Aussie Peace Walk

2024 Aussie Peace Walk

We introduced ‘Mingle Walks’ and welcomed 118 international participants from 14 countries.

A Year of Many Changes

This year we introduced many new elements, modifications and changes to make the Aussie Peace Walk more enjoyable for participants and volunteers.

We introduced the ‘Mingle Walk’ naming convention for all of our walks. This was to help promote the idea of meeting and chatting with other participants as you walk along.

The opening ceremony started with a flag parade, where national flags were carried by representatives of each visiting nation from Albert Hall to the World Peace Bell.

We also changed routes from 2023 and introduced an electronic check-in system so we knew who was out on the course and when everyone was back. Plus there was a GPS map to track your walk and much more. See the section below on ‘New in 2024’ for more details.

Local Charity Support

To involve more local participation and in an attempt to attract more families, we partnered with Canberra’s largest not-for-profit, Communities at Work helping to provide food for families affected by the Cost of Living Crisis.

We took the Peace Kombi to the National Multicultural Festival for three days in February. We also developed a Picnic Day feel for the Saturday 7km event that we renamed the MarchMingle. We introduced the MiniMingle, a 600 metre walk for small children and we held an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones.

To promote it all, we developed a TV commercial that aired in Canberra in the lead-up to the 2024 event. The final result of all this effort was that the 7km evnets were the most popular and we lowered the average age of participants by 4.8 years compared with 2023 (For all events excluding the new MiniMingle for kids).

Countries Represented

Ages of Two-Day Walkers

Raised For Charity

Three participants from Taiwan.

In 2024 the Saturday 7km started at Lennox Gardens.

New In 2024

Not only did we make an effort to address the feedback we received after last year’s event, but we also introduced a ‘picnic in the park’ to encourage more participation from young families.

These were the major changes for 2024:

Mingle Walk Naming Convention

We created a ‘Mingle Walk’ naming convention for each of the two-day walking events as a way of reminding participants that the main aim of the event is to build new cross-cultural friendships.

Revised Opening Ceremony

This year, the opening ceremony started with a flag parade from Albert Hall to the World Peace Bell, where we also added an Indigenous Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony and a didgeridoo performance.

Revised Routes

We revised some routes to make them more interesting and to shorten the time volunteers needed to stay at some checkpoints.

Focus on Accessibility

This year we put a lot of focus on accessibility, starting with the redesign of all of our signage to ensure that they worked for all types of colour blindness. 

Low Cost Entry Option

Event entry fees are the biggest barrier for struggling families, so reintroduced a $15 entry option and a free entry option to the Saturday 7 km MarchMingle.

Electronic Check In and Timing

We introduced an electronic check-in process and a Start/Finish timing mat so we could track when walkers were still out on the course. This also gave us accurate timing information for future event planning.

GPS Mapping

People have different ways of walking. Some look down and see signs on the ground. Some look up and see signs on trees or poles. Others follow the person in front of them or enjoy their surroundings, taking pictures of birds, plants, and scenery as they walk. Inevitably, people will miss signs and wander off the path.  

So this year, we introduced GPS mapping with a QR code on each map that enabled walkers to use their phones for an accurate location of their position on the course. No one that used the GPS mapping system got lost. 

Steph helping at the Easter Egg Hunt 2024

The Easter Egg Hunt was a favourite with the kids.

Easter Egg Hunt and MiniMingle

Also, to encourage young families, we organised Easter egg hunts for young children and introduced a fun, new 600-metre MiniMingle walk for the little ones.

Introduced a Courtesy Bus

We hired a 12-seat mini-bus and offered a free transfer for international visitors between their accommodation and Albert Hall.

Presenting the 1st fundraising pin to Pip Condon for Canteen

Event Director Chris Edwards presenting the first gold VIP Fundraiser pin to Pip Condon for raising over $1,000 for Canteen.

Introduction of Fundraising Pins

To motivate people to support our charitable projects, we made bronze, silver, and gold fundraising pins for those who raised funds above specific targets.

The first checkpoint of the Sunday 24km walk, managed by Rotary Club of Hall with the REACH for Nepal Foundation.

53 Countries Represented in 2024

Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy,, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

New signage

Signage for Colour Blind

New signage was developed to suit people with all forms of colour-blindness.

This sign indicates that 7, 12 and 24km walkers all follow the same path at this point.

Dragon boat races during 42 and 21km

Activities on the Lake

Participants in the marathon and 21 km walks enjoyed watching several activities, including the Dragon Boat races as they walked around the lake on Saturday morning.

Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts Cafe

The Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts operated a small pop-up cafe with coffee, tea and snacks for walkers and volunteers in Albert Hall.

Event packs ready for collection.

  • 7km Walkers 28.25% 28.25%
  • 12 km Walkers 26.5% 26.5%
  • 21km Walkers 15.5% 15.5%
  • 24km Walkers 22.4% 22.4%
  • Marathon Walkers 7.25% 7.25%
  • Walked on both days 61% 61%

Most Popular Walks

We focused the bulk of our attention in 2024 on attracting local people, particularly young families, to take part in the 7 km walks we named the ‘MarchMingle’.

This activity was a clear success as the 7 km walks had the most participants and the average age of all participants across the weekend decreased by 4.5 years on the 2023.

The most popular two-day combination remains the 21km + 24km walks which we now call the MulitMingle.

Walkers finish the Saturday MarchMingle.

Participants on the Saturday MarchMingle check the stamps on their walk cards.

The Communities at Work MarchMingle 7km

As part of our strategy to attract families with children, we teamed up with Canberra’s largest Not For Profit, Communities at Work. We used the 7km as a fundraising catalyst to help raise support to restock their food pantries for people in need.

Although a successful promotion for Communities at Work and the need to feed families suffering from the Cost of Living Crisis, the new ‘Picnic in the Park’ and children’s activities relied extensively on our volunteer resources.

AFP donate at the Rotary club of Jerrabomberra BBQ

Free Rotary Hamburgers

The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra set up their barbecue trailer and funded all the ingredients to make hamburgers and sausage sandwiches. 

In return, they requested those who were able to, to make a donation of their choice to support the Communities at Work Food Pantries.

Hamburgers proved very popular and most people donated. Pictured above is one of the Australian Federal Police at the event donating while waiting for his hamburger.

MarchMingle wrist bands and cards

Colour-Coded Wristbands

Because we invited people to take part in the 7 km walks without registering, we introduced colour-coded wristbands for registered participants. Only registered participants were eligible for prizes.

Say Peace

Fun and Friendship

People representing 53 nations interacted across the weekend. Many making peace signs at the sight of a camera.

Whether they will work colleagues, or just met while walking together, the Aussie Peace Walk and MarchMingle provided the perfect atmosphere to build on existing friendships and to foster new ones.

The 2024 Mingle Walk In Pictures

Click the arrows to scroll through photos of the 2024 Aussie Peace Mingle Walk.

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