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‘Come say G’day’ in 2024. Make new friends as you walk for peace in support of a worthy cause.

Peace Walk

On 23-24 March 2024, we will stage the Aussie Peace Walk, the 33rd Canberra Two-Day Walk.

It will be a festival-like event that will enable people of all ages and backgrounds to share a weekend of healthy family fun. Along the way, we encourage you to ‘Come Say G’day’ and strike up conversations with each other as you walk.

It is through meaningful conversation that we gain greater understanding. And it is only through understanding that we can hope to create a peaceful world.


Unlike most events, the Aussie Peace Walk is not a race, it is a challenge. If you are racing, they will disqualify you. How can you meet new people and create new friendships if you are in a race?

If you are ambling along and enjoying the capital city’s fresh country air, you are doing it right. Take in the sights, stop for a coffee, take photos and enjoy each other’s company as you take on a one or two-day walking challenge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Dates

The Aussie Peace Walk and MarchMingle are scheduled for:

  • 23-24 March 2024
  • 29-30 March 2025
  • 28-29 March 2026
Will I need camping gear?

No. Each day the walk starts and finishes in the same vicinity. Once you finish walking for the day you return home to your accommodation for the night. 

We have provided a list of accommodation options, however, there are many others available across the city. 

Are refreshments available?

Checkpoints will be at regular intervals and will be marked on your route maps—usually every 5km or so.

Water will be available at each checkpoint. Many of the walks will pass by one or more shops along the way.

Walkers should carry their preferred snacks. More details about foods en-route and at Albert Hall will be posted closer to the event.

We recommend that walkers take their own water bottle on the walk, particularly if the weather is hot.

Can I bring my dog?

No, unless it is a registered assistance dog.

Many of the routes, particularly the longer ones, will pass through reserve areas where dogs are not permitted. (Except assistance dogs.)

Can I enter on the day of the walks?

We encourage you to register online in advance if possible. This will enable us to better plan for the numbers of people in each event.

Yes, late entries are welcome on Friday afternoon between 12 and 4 pm. However, the entry fees will be higher than if purchased online prior to the event.

Is parking available?

There is parking available in the Hyatt Hotel car park and directly across Commonwealth Ave, with access to Albert Hall via an underpass—see location map—noting that there is paid parking on weekdays, but free over the weekend.

There is also a bus stop right out the front of the Albert Hall.

How long will the walk take each day?

This depends on the distance you walk and your natural walking speed.

Remembering that this is NOT a race. We encourage you to enjoy the experience, make new friends and enjoy the scenery.

The following times are provided as a general ‘rule-of-thumb’:

  • 5km walkers usually take 1-2 hours
  • 10km walkers usually take 2-3 hours
  • 20km walkers usually take 4-5 hours
  • Marathoners (42.2km) walkers usually take 5-8 hours

What should I carry for the walk?

Most people take a small day pack. We suggest you consider bringing: sunscreen, hat, water bottle (although drinks will be provided at checkpoints), sunglasses, camera, a small amount of money and any snacks you might require during the walk.

Some routes will pass shops and many Rotary Clubs manning checkpoints will offer optional fun activities for a small donation.

Some walkers on the longer routes may wish to pack a picnic lunch to eat on the way.

What type of shoes should I wear?

The terrain ranges from formed concrete and asphalt paths to corrugated loose dirt or gravel trails. In most cases, cross-trainers or jogging shoes will be adequate.

Seasoned walkers may prefer trail shoes or hiking boots if walking any pre-Festival trails or any of the routes on Sunday.

Hiking poles may also be of help for some walkers.

Is it the same route on both days?

No. There are no repeating circuits for the walks. The routes will be different each day.

Generally, the routes will cover a significant part of Canberra, showcasing the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin and Parliamentary Triangle.

Canberra has a vast network of bush trails and multi-use paths (for pedestrians and cyclists), so walkers will seldom need to cross roads.

Wheelchairs and Strollers

Wheelchairs are impractical on most walks because the walks usually include some unsealed paths.

If you are planning to enter with a wheelchair, please contact us in advance to determine the suitability of the terrain for the distance you are interested in completing.

Some walkers may choose to take young children in ‘off-road style’ strollers. These are permitted, however, may not be easy to push on some sections of walks.

Walks in which strollers are not recommended due to the terrain will be marked on the program.

What time should I arrive?

We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time.

You will have a bar code that will be scanned when you start. This code must be carried and scanned at each marshalling point along the route.

A final scan at the finish will tell the management team that you have finished.

What if I enter a 2-walk combination but want to change distances on the day?

We recommend you challenge yourself, but be realistic.

If you are not accustomed to long walks, we recommend you start with one of the middle distances.

You can change your second walk distance on the day by notifying the administration volunteers in Albert Hall before the event you entered is due to start. So, if you entered the MultiMingle (21k + 24k) but after the 21km on Saturday you think you can’t complete the 24km on Sunday, you can change to the 12km on Sunday.

If you enter the Marathon on Saturday but find it too challenging, you can pull out at the halfway point and you will still be credited with completing a 21km event.

You will miss out on the marathon medal, but if you walk again on Sunday, you will still achieve the two-day walker medal.

Can I run?

No! Running is NOT permitted.

This is one of the unique aspects of this event. We designed it to encourage participation but still provide an individual challenge with the various distance options available.

Importantly, our public liability insurance is granted on the basis that this is a walking event only. Runners would invalidate our insurance. Also, our checkpoint opening times are calculated on the basis of walking speeds, so if you run you will arrive before some checkpoints open and they will not record your participation.

We do have some fast walkers and race-walking is permitted, but it is not a timed event. Most will take their time and enjoy the scenery and the company of the other walkers along the way.

Do I need to train?

Yes, training is recommended.

Unless you are in the minority and have a good base fitness level, you will find the distances required for this event a challenge.

Even if you can complete the first day without a problem, heading off on a second consecutive day adds an extra degree of difficulty.

We suggest you consider our training programs for longer distances. Until you have tackled a long walk, you will not realise what other issues will arise – blisters are a good example!

Make sure you have broken in the shoes you plan to wear and have trained appropriately for the distance you aim to do.

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