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The Canberra area has a human history dating back over 30,000 years. 

It is Australia’s Capital City, a unique city that feels like a ‘big country town’. 

This is our story…


Canberra is home to many ‘must-see’ national attractions. The Australian War Memorial, Questacon National Science & Technology Centre, The National Gallery, The Australian Mint and much more.

Things To Do

We know Canberra as the Bush Capital and with good reason. There are many parks, gardens and bush tracks to explore.

Hire a bike, get about on a Segway, take a boat tour on the lake.

How about a winery tour? or a Brewery tour? Canberra has something for everyone. 


Choose an apartment, motel or hotel. Find accommodation to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Latest Articles

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Join us for the 30th Canberra Two-Day Walk

The 30th Canberra Two-Day Walk will become the inurural Rotary Aussie Peace Walk in 2021. This is the story of it all began.

Twilight Walking Tours

Don’t miss a twilight walking tour of Mulligans Flat. Search for endangered species like the Eastern Bettong and the Bush-stone Curlew

Prevent Hiking Injuries

Three common hiking injuries you can prevent. Avoid shin splints, avoid knee injuries, and stop blisters that can occur when walking.

Sunday 21km Walk

From Nara Peace Park on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, we followed the route planned for the Sunday 21km peace walk.Early on a mild Spring morning, three of us gathered near the Canberra Nara Peace Park on the southern shores of Lake Burley Griffin. We planned to...

Delicious Za’Atar Salmon Fillets

A quick and tasty salmon recipe with a Middle Eastern zing. It will take 35-40 minutes to prepare but it is worth every delicious bite.

Leave No Trace

When bushwalking in the wilderness, you must aim to leave no trace. How to conserve our natural environment when walking in the bush.

Meet IML Walkers Yvonne & Jamie

During this COVID-19 pandemic year, Yvonne and Jamie Stewart have really missed the opportunity of travelling to IML events and catching up with their international walking friends.  Yvonne and Jamie are Australia’s IML delegates. Yvonne is also the newly elected...

Recipe Greek Salad Nachos

A healthy, modern version of the traditional Greek Salad recipe in Nachos. Substituting the traditional corn chips and guacamole.

Peace Poles For New Generations

It began with the World Peace Bell and now the message of peace is being spread to 100 schools around Australia as a Rotary Centenary initiative.'If there is to be peace in the world, there must be peace between nations.'On the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, in...

75 Years After WW2 The Battle Continues

World War 2 Was the Deadliest Conflict in History. ICAN won the Nobel Peace Prize for their campaign to abolish 14,500 nuclear weapons.


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