Charity Partners

The Aussie Peace Walk is making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Together, we are creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the event itself. 

Join us in fostering hope, resilience, and empowerment within our communities.

We believe that when we come together as a community and support those in need, we help create a brighter future for all.

Since 2021, the Aussie Peace Walk has contributed over $75,000 to help our charity partners deliver much-needed community support.

Become a Charity Partner

The Aussie Peace Walk partners with youth and health-related charities.

Pacific Islands Child Mortality Update
‘The Rotary Give Every Child a Future project is now in full swing, but there is still much more to do and we need your help.’The 2021 Aussie Peace Walk was all the better thanks to the involvement...
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Improving Indigenous Health

Indigenous Australians have disproportionally poor health outcomes, including heart disease, Type II diabetes, renal failure, cancer, and other lifestyle related chronic disease.

Rotary District 9705 are working in partnership with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation to improve mental and physical health of Indigenous communities.

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Australian Rotary Health 0-12 mental health

Rotary Vulnerable Youth Project

Every family is dysfunctional at some level. The pressures of modern life impact on the best of us.

Work pressures, financial juggling, personal and social relationships periodically trigger our behaviour, often without us recognising the impact this can have on the ones we love most, our children.

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Reach For Nepal Foundation

On the 25th April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake flattened entire villages, killed 8,964 people and badly injured 21,952 more. 3.5 million Nepalese were instantly homeless. 

A global outpouring of aid was quickly deployed, but many people in Nepal are still in need. Much of the reconstruction remains undone.

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0-12 Year Old Mental Health: Australian Rotary Health

Although there has been a strong focus on research and services aimed at improving the mental health of adolescent and young adult Australians, there is less attention focussed on addressing the mental health struggles faced by 0-12-year-olds.

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