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Walk with purpose in 2025

Thanks to charitable donations, the Aussie Peace Walk has grown in its ability to support those in need.

Our participants have helped us raise over $91,000 between 2021 and today, alleviating child mortality in the Pacific and bettering children’s health and wellbeing.

Now you can help support the charity closest to your heart. If the charity you want to support isn’t on the list below, please contact the event organiser.

Become a ‘Charity A-Lister’.

  • Fundraise over $500 for your chosen charity before the event and receive an Aussie Peace Walk Fundraiser Pin. Raise over $1,000 and you’ll get the Charity A-Lister pin PLUS a chance to win a grand prize!
    (Details to come.)
  • When you fundraise for a cause that resonates with you, you’re not just raising money, you’re making a statement about what matters to you. The charities listed in the fundraising leaderboard rely heavily on every dollar raised. Create your fundraising page now!
  • Donate directly to your charity or ask your friends to support your fundraising with a donation.

Whether you raise $10 or $10,000, every dollar helps these worthy charities continue their incredible work within our community.


Fundraising for this event is provided by Grassrootz. Grassrootz is a separate entity to RaceRoster (where you register for the event).

Please Note: By selecting Yes to fundraise, you give permission for your name and contact details to be provided to Grassrootz and your chosen charity and you give permission for them to contact you.

cost of living crisis

Communities at Work

40,000 Canberrans, including 9,000 children urgently need your help. Walk with us. Fight for their future.

Find out More

mother and child

Rotary IMF Indigenous Health

Indigenous Australians have disproportionally poor health outcomes, including many lifestyle related chronic diseases.

Find out More

lonely boy with bag

Rotary Vulnerable Youth Project

Ruby’s homes assist youth who are at risk of experiencing homelessness in the ACT and Southern NSW.

Find out More

Australian Rotary Health 0-12 mental health

Australian Rotary Health

Australia's largest non-government funder of mental health research needs your help to improve the mental health of 0-12-year-olds.

Find out More

earthquake nepal

Reach For Nepal

Improve the lives of Nepalese people in remote parts of western Nepal. Providing children opportunities for quality education and good health.

Find out More

If your chosen charity is not listed below, please contact us to arrange for it to be set up as an option.

Preferred charities are those that support community health and wellbeing, peace and the environment.

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