Welcome to the InterCultural MarchMingle, a vibrant new walking event that proudly stands as an integral part of the annual Aussie Peace Walk in the Nation’s Capital.

Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage 

Are you ready to celebrate your cultural roots and make new friends along the way?

Join the MarchMingle, a new must-attend social event that aims to stimulate intercultural understanding, friendship and community. 

The MarchMingle is more than just a walk. It’s a journey of discovery and appreciation of the diverse cultures that make up our fabulous multicultural society.

diverse congo

Participation Prizes to be Won

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this new cultural event and celebrate your cultural roots and make new friends in the process.

How will you represent your cultural background in the 7km MarchMingle?

We can’t wait to see you there!

March Mingle LogoWe want to make the event as accessible as possible, so we’ve made it as cheap as we can and we have one walk on Saturday and one walk on Sunday. So if you can’t make it on Saturday, you can enter for the Sunday version.

The Saturday walk is fairly flat and is suitable for wheelchairs, while the Sunday walk is a little more challenging, as it goes through some bushland close to the city.

Both 7km walks are suitable for people of all ages, and you can walk as individuals, as a team or as a family or cultural group.

This is not a race

The goal is not to compete, but to connect with other walkers, to take your time and chat with the other walkers. Share your stories and listen to theirs. make new friends and enjoy the day.

It’s an oportunity to get outdoors and meet some colourful and interesting people from different cultural backgrounds.

Sign up for the MarchMingle and get ready to have a blast while supporting a great cause. 

It costs only $10 to enter and you can take part on either the Saturday 7km or the Sunday 7km (or $20 for both days for $20).

A great event for the whole family.

Make the most of your involvement by registering to support one of these great charities.

What  country will you represent?

Share Your Heritage and Be Part of The Fun

The best part of the MarchMingle is that you get to show off your cultural heritage in a creative way.

You can wear something that represents your cultural heritage, such as a traditional costume, or carry a flag, or wear a special hat, or anything else that represents your nation.

Music is at the heart of every culture. You could share music and dance as you move along.

The idea is to meet others, chat, make friends, learn about cultures, and embrace our differences.

Peace in the community comes from greater understanding and it is through walking and talking with others that we will learn and understand people in our multicultural community.

kombi with MarchMingle logo and multicultural festival text

Prizes to be Won: Form a Mingle Millipede

millipede congo

You can bring a ribbon or a light rope to tie yourselves together and walk in a line, like a giant caterpillar. Or you could just form an intercultural millipede like a conga line. It’s up to you.

Come and celebrate our diverse cultural heritage with us. We have a fun and creative activity for you: the MingleMillipede.

MarchMingle Millipede

You can start as a millipede or you can join or form a millipede as you go. Millipedes of six or more people who share either share the same heritage or who come from different countries are eligible for a prize.

There will be a prize for the most amazing millipede, the most entertaining, the most colourful, or the most fun. It will be up to the volunteer judges, so get ready to show off your creativity and cultural diversity.

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