Medical Support

‘Get First Aid’ will be on-course to look after your first aid needs on both days of the walks

First Aid

The team from ‘Get First Aid’ specialise in providing advanced first aid services for events. 

Professional, qualified staff will be on hand at key points to cover all routes.

In the unlikely event that first aid is required, the Get First Aid team will be your ‘first responders’ on the scene. 

Phone: 1300 663 600

If you call the above number during the walks, the call will go to the nearest Get First Aid medical professional on the course for immediate response.

The Get First Aid team work closely with ACT Ambulance and have a direct line for priority hospital transfer, should it be required.


The Get First Aid team will be spaced around the walking routes and will be your first point of contact in an emergency. Because they are already on site, they will always be first on the scene.


If you see these vehicles at various points around the walking routes, give them a wave, because they are here to look after you if you need medical attention.

Some First Aid Tips

Most important: Stay hydrated. Keep drinking water, even if it’s not a hot day, because you will lose most of your body’s moisture through exhaling as you walk.

Snake Bite – It is highly unlikely to happen with so many people around, but it is Australia and we do have snakes.

Snakes are very shy. If you do get bitten, though, don’t move. Stay very, very still.
Call 1300 663 600 and medical aid will be with you right away.

Never encourage someone to move at all when bitten by a snake unless it’s unsafe to stay where they are.

Be mindful of danger to yourself first, bystanders second, and patient third. Sending for help should always be a top priority. 

First aid can be needed for all kinds of reasons, so at any time while you are on course, if you see someone needing help, don’t be shy, please call the number below. The number will also be on the back of your event booklet.

Phone: 1300 663 600

GFA plus ambulance

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