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Aussie Peace Walk Merchandise

Walk in Comfort

A comfortable wicking polo shirt, a ventilated outdoor hat and a waist pack with two water bottle holders and you are ready for walking.

Limited Stock

Order online when you register and pick up with your event kit at Regatta Point on 26 March 2021.

Carry it on your waist

Aussie Peace Walk Daypack

Waist Pack With 2 Drink Holders

We recommend a day pack for your waist. Keep the weight off your shoulders, lowers your centre of gravity.

With two drink bottle holders and enough space for a few snacks, a light jumper or rain cover plus your keys and wallet.

Be Sun Smart

Aussie Peace Walk hat

Brimmed Hat

The Aussie Peace Walk outdoor hat has mesh vents on both sides to provide good ventilation.

This a light and easily packed for sun protection on any trip. It comes with a chin strap in case of windy conditions.

Walk for Peace


Wicking Polo Shirts

Our comfortable wicking polo shirts are available in male and female cuts to suit all body styles.

Show your support with a Commemorative Rotary Aussie Peace Walk polo shirt.

All kitted up

Emma from Rotary Club of Hall models the striking 2021 commemorative Rotary Aussie Peace Walk polo shirt. Capping off the look with the Aussie Peace Walk outdoor hat and our commemorative waist pack.

For most occasions, a small pack is all you’ll need for a day’s walking. There is enough space in this little waist pack to put a light woollen jumper or roll up a light wet-weather jacket. In the front pocket, you could carry some sandwiches or snacks.

The pack has two mesh pockets designed to hold two 600ml water bottles.

We recommend the waist pack to keep the weight off your back. By carrying your supplies around your waist you will lower your centre of gravity which gives you better stability and also takes the pressure off your spine.

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