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Piad 2026

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We invite you to be a part of history by participating in the first-ever IVV-OceaniaPiad.

This three-day international event invites you to hike, swim, and cycle at your own pace. It’s not about speed; it’s about the experience, the environment, personal triumph and friendship.

Join a global community where every step, stroke, and pedal is a celebration of community health and camaraderie. Then stay for another two days for the 2026 Aussie Peace Walk.

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Enter One Event Or Do Them All


We recommend participants arrive in Canberra no later than midday on Tuesday 24 March 2026 to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the scheduled activities.

We will hold the Flag Parade and Opening Ceremony in the afternoon of 24 March for the OceaniaPiad and Aussie Peace Walk. Additional optional events will begin on Tuesday, including a welcome function in the early evening.

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Walks of 10km and 20km will start early on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 including bus transfers.

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Swimming to take place on the afternoon of 25 or 26 March. Details to be finalised.

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Cycling to take place on the afternoon of 25 or 26 March. Details to be finalised.

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The 2026 OceaniaPiad will be held in the Capital City of Australia, Canberra. It will be the first ‘IVV Piad’ in the Southern Hemisphere.

The IVV is a global organisation that promotes personal fitness and well-being through non-competitive events. With over 40 countries taking part, it organises over 7,500 events annually.

IVV-Piads are major events comprising three or more IVV sporting activities.

The first IVV-OlympiaPiad was held in 1989. Subsequent Piads are the IVV-EuroPiad, the IVV-AsianPiad and the IVV-AmericasPiad

Walkers who complete the required distance for IML accreditation on both days of the OceaniaPiad will also be eligible for the OceaniaPiad stamp and may purchase the gold OceaniaPiad bar.

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The OceaniaPiad is a multi-sport challenge where the aim is not to win, but to take part. It is the journey that is the reward.

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Your Thoughts?

Help us design a program that suits you.

‘Obviously, we can’t give everyone what they want, but we can try to design a program that suits most participants.’

Please complete the form below and tell us which activities you are most interested in.

Are there other sports or activities would you like to see included?

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The 2026 Aussie Peace Walk will flow on until the closing ceremony on Sunday March 29.

The Two-Day Aussie Peace Walk International Walking Festival is a must for IML walkers and it is also IVV accredited.

* The Aussie Peace Walk routes are different to those of the IVV-OceaniaPiad.

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