Our Kangaroo Mascot

Offering a kangaroo as a present can show that you recognise and celebrate someone’s special qualities or achievements.

The word Canberra, is derived from an indigenous name for the area that is believed to mean ‘meeting place’.

A fitting location to hold an international walking festival where people come together from around the world to meet and walk in friendship.

Within the ‘meeting place’ icon on the Aussie Peace Walk medal is a kangaroo. The ideal element for our Aussie Peace Walk mascot.

Penny-Roo Friend

Kangaroo Symbolism

The kangaroo is revered for its physical prowess and ability to adapt to harsh environments. It embodies qualities that are highly valued in Aboriginal spirituality and culture. 

Giving someone a kangaroo may express your respect or encouragement for their strength and resilience; (like taking on the MegaMingle or the MultiMingle or even the MoseyMingle).

The kangaroo is also a remarkable and distinctive mammal that has no close relatives in the animal kingdom. It represents the diversity and richness of life on Earth, and the uniqueness and individuality of each of us. 

Offering a kangaroo as a present can show that you recognise and celebrate someone’s special qualities or achievements. So the kangaroo is an ideal choice as our Aussie Peace Walk mascot.

The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia and its culture, history, and identity. It’s also one of the most iconic and recognizable animals of Australia.

Aussie Peace Walk Medal

One side of the Aussie Peace Walk two-day walk medal showing the ‘meeting place’ icon and kangaroo.

The little Aussie Peace Walk kangaroo is a favourite with adults and children of all ages. 

Penny-Roo 3
Penny looking out

Our Kangaroo Mascot’s Name

Kangaroos are very agile and fast. They bound across the landscape covering vast distances with minimal exertion. So our immediate thoughts went to naming our little ‘roo mascot something related to hopping, jumping or bouncing.

People on social media suggested names related to walking, as the Aussie Peace Walk is a walking event. But we took a different tack.

We chose a name that is light and cheerful with a lovely melodic sound. It’s a name that inspires wealth and has positive associations with luck, patience and prosperity. 

Kangaroos excel at weaving, swiftly hopping in any direction. Weaving in and out between trees and over obstacles, just as Aussie Peace Walk participants will do as they weave their way around the Bush Capital. 

The name we have chosen for our little kangaroo mascot is a simple one derived from a feminine Greek name, Penelope that means ‘weaver’.  

So, we named our little kangaroo mascot, ‘Penny’; ‘Penny-Roo’. 

1942 pennyThe familiar kangaroo was a feature on one side of an Australian coin that every Australian carried. Minted between 1938 and 1966, this coin was called ‘the penny’. 

A penny coin is often considered lucky. So our little ‘Penny-Roo’ symbolises Australia, resilience, agility and determination, the ability to adapt and the richness and diversity of life, as well as being lucky.

She is also a cuddly toy and an excellent memento of your visit to Canberra and the Aussie Peace Walk.

You can purchase your own Penny-Roo at the event, but we do only have limited stock. So if you’d really like to take one home, it is a good idea to pre-purchase her online when you enter the event, and she’ll be waiting for you when you get to the Aussie Peace Walk.

You can, of course, rename your Penny anything you’d like. (She is a girl – she has a pouch.)

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