Out Of This World Team Prize

Who said you can’t travel during COVID?

Win the popular vote, and we’ll transport your whole team to another world.

Details Below…

Team Participation Prize

Our vision for the Rotary Aussie Peace Walk is that it will look and feel like a moving festival.

To encourage all participants to have a great time, make new friends, and be an integral part of this memorable experience, we’ve added a few participation prizes.

Because the Peace Walks aren’t races, there can be no 1st, 2nd or 3rds. So, we are introducing prizes for teams that help to create a vibe of international peace and entertainment.

What is the prize?

A two-hour otherworldly adventure for up to 12 people in a virtual world of your choosing. There are over a dozen different worlds to choose from for a fun-filled immersive team experience.

    Over a dozen amazing adventures to choose from in Canberra’s Virtual Reality Escape Rooms.


    Prepare for a mind-blowing experience the whole team will enjoy.

    Best & Fairest Team Prize

    How Can Our Team Win?

    1. Enter a team in any of the Rotary Aussie Peace Walks.
    2. Plan how you will entertain the other walkers and the volunteers.
      Start by dressing as a team. You will want to get noticed. If you are representing a country with colourful or a distinctive national dress, this will be a little easier to stand out.
    3. Your team needs to take part in a way that brings joy to all other participants and volunteers. You must be friendly to everyone.
    4. If your team has a skill, such as singing, dancing or just looking cool – that could be enough to win over the judges.

    How will the winning team be chosen?

    There will be two polls running concurrently over the weekend. One will be a vote by the registered volunteers. The other will be a popular vote that will take place online.

    The volunteers’ vote will choose a winner. But the popular vote may well sway their thinking!

    The winning team will be announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon. 



    Use our hashtag and share your story with us on Social Media. We’d love to hear from you.

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