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We will keep you informed about the coming events and happenings as we prepare to welcome you to our next Canberra two-day walking festival.

Whether it’s tales of personal triumphs, heartwarming encounters, or breathtaking landscapes discovered along the way, this is the start point to immerse yourself in the world of walking and the Aussie Peace Walk .

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Walking With a World of New Friends: Two Weeks to go!
Come and walk around the Bush Capital with people from around the world. Register before 10 March 2024 to get your personalised Event Passport.One reason we love the Aussie Peace Walk is because...
Our Kangaroo Mascot
Offering a kangaroo as a present can show that you recognise and celebrate someone’s special qualities or achievements.The word Canberra, is derived from an indigenous name for the area that...
Trial Walks Have Begun
Every year, roughly a month before the Aussie Peace Walk, volunteers get together to do trial walks around each of the Aussie Peace Walk routes.We hold these volunteer trial walks for several...
Announcing The Aussie Peace Walk
It is with great pleasure that we announce the inaugural Rotary Aussie Peace Walk. Our primary aim is to encourage understanding and peaceful resolutions to life’s challenges. We also want to...
Medical Support
CANBERRA.AUSTRALIA.MARCH 26-28 Medical Support'Get First Aid' will be on-course to look after your first aid needs on both days of the walksFirst Aid The team from 'Get First Aid' specialise in providing advanced first aid services for events.  Professional, qualified...
IML Walk in Indonesia Yogyakarta

IML Walk in Indonesia Yogyakarta

Jamie and his wife, Yvonne, regularly man the IML Information Desk at the Aussie Peace Walk. Come and ask them about their adventures walking around the world.Officially known as the Jogia International Heritage Walk, the Yogyakarta IML event is held in November each...

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