Marathon 42km Walk

Have you ever thought about running a marathon but wondered if you could make it?

Or maybe you used to run marathons but your marathon running days are over? Then the marathon 42km walk is the event for you!

Now is your opportunity to complete a marathon without the stress of running. (Preparation is recommended because a marthon still takes some effort.)

We have allowed up to 8.5 hours to complete the scenic 42.2 km route.

Starting at Albert Hall, walkers will head past the Rotary World Peace Bell and then east along the same route the ’21 km East’ walkers will take.

The mid-way cut off is 11:45am.

Part One of the Marathon is the same as the Saturday 21km East route, but marathoners will start earlier than the 21km East walkers.

If you feel you can’t do the 42km, or you don’t make the cut-off time, you can stop at the halfway point be recorded as a 21km finisher.

Marathoners will finish at the historic Albert Hall.

First Half: 21km East

The first section of the marathon is the ’21km East’ route. If you don’t return to Albert Hall before 11:45am, you will have to withdraw from the marathon, but you will still receive credit for finishing the 21km.

Sat 21 East

Second Half: 21km West

People doing the ’21km West’ half marathon option may join you. Take it easy and enjoy the walk around the other side of the lake and back to the finish, where you’ll collect your marathon pin.

Sat 21 West
entering the trench walk
American walkers
Aussie Peace Walk 24km walking over dam

Start Time

7:30 am Saturday

The official start is at 7:30 am. Walkers should aim to arrive in plenty of time for the last-minute briefing.

Remember, this is NOT a race, so there is no need to be first off the starting line.

Most of the route is paved, so we suggest comfortable joggers or walking shoes.

A marathon on a firm surface can be challenging on the legs. If you don’t like the hard surface, you may vary your surface by walking on the grass verge.

24km start

Above: The start briefing for the 2023 Marathon

On this walk…


WW1 Trench Walk

WW1 Trench Walk

These trenches were designed for attack and defence, and for the movement, housing, safety and support of troops. After 21km and 42km walkers pass the Carillon checkpoint, you will continue along beside Lake Burley Griffin and then beside the Molonglo River that was...

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Jerrabomberra Wetlands

Jerrabomberra Wetlands

42km and 21km walkers will go through this lovely natural area. Have your camera ready as you wander through this area.Did you know that there is a wetland nature reserve right near the Kingston Foreshore? If you are taking part in the 42km or the 21km Aussie Peace...

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