Saturday 21km Walks

We offer two 21km route options. You may choose either ’21km East’ or ’21km West’ on  the day.

The ’21km East, in combination with the Sunday 24km walk gives you the best tour of Canberra. 

Note: Each walk starts at a different time.

Starting at Albert Hall, ’21k East’ walkers will head past the Rotary World Peace Bell where you can have your photo taken ringing the bell.

You will go up Anzac Parade past many memorials, turn at the Australian War Memorial and come back down the other side.

After passing the National Carillion, you will continue to the WW1 trenches and then through the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

You’ll walk along the Kingston Foreshore. (Maybe stop for a coffee!), then continue past the iconic avenue of flags, through the car park, under Commonwealth Avenue and finish at the front of Albert Hall.

The other 21km walk option starts at Albert Hall and heads to checkpoint one at the Canberra World Peace Bell. (Marathoners will bypass this as they passed this checkpoint on their first 21km).

Your route will take you around the west basin of the lake, through parks, past the golf course, across the dam and around the north side of the lake to return to finish at Albert Hall.

This route is not as interesting as the 21km East, but if you wanted to do a ParkRun before the walk or you’d like to walk with a friend in the second half of the marathon, or you slept in! – this is an alternate 21km is for you.

Option One: 21km East

The ’21km East’ is the most interesting of the two 21km optons. This route offers more variety than the 21km West, with urban and rural landscapes.

Sat 21 East

Option Two: 21km West

If you slept in and missed the start of the ’21km East’ or you want to walk with the marathoners as they do their second half, the 21km West is for you. Take it easy and enjoy the walk.

Sat 21 West
Jerrabomberra Wetlands
Solving the world's problems

Start Times: Saturday

8:00am – 21km East
10:30am – 21km West

Remember, this is NOT a race, so there is no need to be first off the starting line. Take it easy and enjoy the day.

A Scout group on the Saturday 21km route

On this walk…


WW1 Trench Walk

WW1 Trench Walk

These trenches were designed for attack and defence, and for the movement, housing, safety and support of troops. After 21km and 42km walkers pass the Carillon checkpoint, you will continue along beside Lake Burley Griffin and then beside the Molonglo River that was...

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Jerrabomberra Wetlands

Jerrabomberra Wetlands

42km and 21km walkers will go through this lovely natural area. Have your camera ready as you wander through this area.Did you know that there is a wetland nature reserve right near the Kingston Foreshore? If you are taking part in the 42km or the 21km Aussie Peace...

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