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In 2015, an earthquake killed 8,964 seriously injured 21,952 and left 3.5 million Nepalese instantly homeless

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Nestled between the world’s two most populous countries (China and India), the mountainous landlocked nation of Nepal has a population of around 30 million.

On the 25th April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake flattened entire villages, killed 8,964 people and badly injured 21,952 more. 3.5 million Nepalese were instantly homeless. 

A global outpouring of aid was quickly deployed, but many people in Nepal are still in need. Much of the reconstruction remains undone.

According to the World Bank, Nepal is one of Asia’s poorest nations, and money sent home from Nepalis working abroad accounts for nearly a quarter of the country’s GDP.

Canberra Nepalese Community

Canberra’s Nepalese community is around 10,000. (In the 2021 census, 5,700 ACT residents reported being born in Nepal.)

Nepali is the third-most-spoken language at home after English and Mandarin in the Australian Capital Territory.

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About Reach for Nepal

The REACH for Nepal Foundation is a Canberra-based charity that was established in 2015 to improve the lives of Nepalese people in remote parts of western Nepal, the Gandaki Province through projects that enable villages to become more self-sustaining and to provide children opportunities for quality education and good health. 

It is entirely run by volunteers and all donations are transferred to Nepal to deliver both humanitarian and development projects identified, defined and prioritised by community and village leaders.

REACH for Nepal is a registered charity in Australia and also, as a separate organisation, in Nepal.

“We operate at the highest professional standards both here in Australia and in Nepal as determined by the Australian Council For International Development (ACFID), which accepted Reach For Nepal as a full member on 2 November 2022.”

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“We have a close association with the Rotary Club in Hall, who have sponsored the delivery of rebuilding classrooms at four schools over the last six years,” stated Mr Nulley.   

“We also have a partnership association with educational institutions in Canberra including the Canberra Grammar School, The University of Canberra and Marist College, who provide help and deliver projects aligned with their objectives and those of the Foundation.”

Groups of people from these educational institutions and an annual group comprising members from the public, travel with the Foundation to assist in the delivery of projects in remote parts of the country.

After witnessing firsthand, the profound difference their small contribution has made to the lives of others, volunteers often express that they ‘don’t know who benefitted the most from this project, the people in Nepal, or the volunteers!’.

Our Focus

We undertake four types of projects:

Humanitarian Aid.

Typically, emergency relief in times of flooding, earthquakes and epidemics. This is normally provided as medical help, livelihood support packages and food supplies.


Typically, building school classrooms which remain unsafe or leak in wet weather. “When we deliver an infrastructure project, we also provide access to water and install a water filtration system to ensure the water is safe to drink,” said Foundation CEO, Lou Nulley.


The Foundation educates mothers’ groups and school children on the basics of hygiene and nutrition.

Village Sustainability.

We focus this area of activity on providing opportunities for those most vulnerable in the villages. In 2022, we provided goats to families who are least able to put food on the table or send their children to school. These families can then generate an income through breeding the goats which helps the family to survive and also break the poverty cycle through improved education.


Education is a key factor to reduce or eliminate poverty, and we prioritise the allocation of goats to families with daughters, as they are typically first to stay at home and help.

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