Download Your Walking Maps

2022 Route Maps

Here you can download the 2022 gpx walking maps, view all maps on Google. (Note that all the maps are also in your Event Passport).


If you would like to track your walk using the maps and gps on your phone, you will need to download an app that can import gpx files.

There are free apps for use on iPhone and Android phones.


  1. Download a GPS tracking app. There are free and paid apps available. The free apps are adequate for the Aussie Peace Walk. We suggest myTracks from the AppStore for iPhone and OsmAnd from the Google Play for Android phones. 
  2. Download the gpx file that contains all the routes for the 2022 Aussie Peace Walk. This is a zipped file, you will need to click it to unzip it.
  3. Locate the downloaded file on your phone. (Mine goes to the ‘downloads’ folder on iCloud) and open it in myTracks, OsmAnd or any other mapping tracker application you are using. 

Below is an example of the steps to use myTracks on iPhone.


Like to see where you are walking?

Click the map above. On the resulting page, you will see all routes for the 2022 Aussie Peace Walk. Try turning off all the routes you aren’t interested in so you can see the detailed route of each walk.

The map also shows where each Rotary checkpoint is located.

1 map

1. Download the app (This example is myTracks from the AppStore for iPhone)


2. After downloading and unzipping the gpx file, hold until the menu appears, then click ‘Share’…


3. Choose the myTracks app, this will force the app to import the file.


4. Select the folder icon on the bottom. This is where your imported maps are stored.

5 map

5. Choose which route you wish to follow.


6. Click the arrow to turn on GPS location and you will see where you are on the route at all times.

For Android users

Download the free OsmAnd (or similar app) from the Play Store.

Download the GPX file to your phone or download it on a laptop computer and email it to yourself.

Press and hold the GPX file attachment, let go and it will prompt you to open the file in OsmAnd.

If you have more than one track loaded, you can turn them on or off by pressing the button on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, choosing ‘configure map’, then ‘gpx track’.

OsmAnd logoWhen OsmAnd prompts you to download offline maps make sure you use WIFI (not mobile data) and have 600MB free on your phone, it downloads both Australia and Oceania. You don’t really need them, but it enables the app to work in areas that have no internet connectivity and will be cheaper in the long run for data downloads.

This app also doubles as a sophisticated voice-enabled GPS Navigator; there are other apps that will take gpx files but this one is pretty good. 

This app is also available for iPhone, but be mindful that there are several in-app purchase options on both platforms.

Why Join Rotary?

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And, you’ll make a world of friendships and have a lot of fun along the way.

Rotary clubs are for everyone. We also partner with Rotaract Clubs for 18 to 30-year-olds and we have Interact Clubs for 12-18-year-olds and EarlyAct Clubs for primary school children.


The first step is to visit a few Rotary Clubs and see for yourself. Every club is a little different. 

Start by getting in touch with your nearest Rotary Club.




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