24 March 2024

Sunday Walks

Take on the two-day challenge, or register for only one walk and join in the fun of a unique Canberra cultural activity

Day Two

7km, 12km, 24km

Welcome to the second day of walking. If you are starting fresh and only doing the Sunday walk, good for you! And if you are back for the second day, we trust your legs will be up for the challenge!

Everyone that completes the two-day challenge will receive the commemorative two-day Rotary Aussie Peace Walk medal.

For those who can’t walk on both days, there is an option to choose a Saturday or Sunday walk. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun!

The second day has more trails and hills to challenge you.

As on Saturday, all walks start near the World Peace Bell but on Sunday all walks head toward the western end of Lake Burley Griffin.


The 24 km will take you up a few hills, offering spectacular views over Lake Burley Griffin and the city.

AussiePeaceWalk flag line

Event Info

Friday: Opening Ceremony 5pm

Saturday: 7,11,21,42 km walks

Sunday: 7,12,24 km walks

Entry Fees

AussiePeaceWalk flag-block

Which Country Will You Represent?

When you enter, we will ask you to choose a country or culture to support. Please wear something to identify yourself as representing your chosen country. 

There will be prizes for individuals and teams that best present the colour and personality of a people or culture.

NOTE: Some Routes May Change.

Final routes may vary slightly closer to the day, but all will start and finish at Albert Hall or in Nara Park.
Altered routes may differ slightly in length, but they will be similar. 

24 km

A nice walk, mostly on trails with spectacular views of Canberra 

If you want to see the bush capital, there is no better way to do it than walking with others on the 24km Peace Walk.

This is a slightly more challenging walk than Saturday’s 21km because of a few hills, but your reward is the spectacular scenery and variety of landscape and vegetation you’ll be a part of.

Starting at Albert Hall, walkers will head west, around the edge of the lake, and then you are off the hard surface.

You will walk on trails through the National Arboretum, then down through the Cork Forrest, around the back of Black Mountain and down through the National Botanic Gardens and back to civilization, through Acton and then across the bridge to finish back at Albert Hall.

Here is an article about this walk written after one of the team’s trial walks.

2023 Aussie Peace Walk 24km Map

Start Time: 8 am

Remember, this is NOT a race, so there is no need to be first off the starting line. Take it easy and enjoy the day.

12 km

An comfortable walk for people of all ages with some bush tracks. 

Starting at Albert Hall, walkers will head west around the edge of the lake.

This walk will pass the Canberra Yacht Club and the Rowing Clubs and around Western Park.

You will finish through a slightly hilly section of bushland through the historic section now known as Stirling Park and finish at Albert Hall.

2023 Sunday 12km walk map

Start Time: 8:30 am

Remember, this is NOT a race, so there is no need to be first off the starting line. Take it easy and enjoy the walk.

March Mingle Logo

MarchMingle Friendship Walk 7km

Welcome to the 1st MarchMingle. A moving parade of intercultural friendship and fun for the whole family.

The Mingle starts at 9am on Saturday but if you can't make it on Saturday, there's another Mingle walk at 9am on Sunday that takes a different route.

You can take part on Saturday or Sunday or you can do both. 

Standard one day registration fee is $10 per person for all ages or $20 for both days.

LATE ENTRIES - (10 March to 24 March 2024).

Late one day registration fee is $15 per person for all ages or $30 for both days.


v2 Sat 7k

This is the 2023 Saturday 7km route, depending on numbers of entrants, minor changes will be made to the start and finish areas.

2023 Aussie Peace Walk 7km Map

This is the route taken for the Sunday 7km in 2023, however, a large part of this route requires participants to walk in single file. If this event proves too popular, the route will be changed for 2024.

You’ll receive a participant bib to allow you to take part. Every registered person will be eligible to win prizes at the event.

(Details of prizes and competitions to be announced prior to the event.) 

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