Supporting Nepalese Children: Goats and Education

Funds raised through the Aussie Peace Walk help support Nepalese families in need.

Apr 28, 2024

The 2024 Aussie Peace Walk was the second year of the Canberra-based REACH for Nepal Foundation partnering with the Aussie Peace Walk to help raise funds to improve the health and education of children living in remote parts of Nepal. 

Nepalese school children

Nepal is the poorest country in Asia, with the vast majority of these living in remote parts of Nepal.

REACH for Nepal focuses on projects that enable villages to become more self-sustaining and to provide children with opportunities for quality education and good health.

This has included constructing new school buildings and ablution blocks, health centres and helping families with grain and goats.

One example was the recent construction of two earthquake-resilient classrooms in the Barahi village in the Gandaki Province, funded by the Rotary Club of Hall.

REACH for Nepal Checkpoint

When you participante in the Aussie Peace Walk on Sunday, you will pass through the REACH for Nepal Checkpoint.

Next time you pass through the Sunday checkpoint, stop for a chat and find out how you can get involved.

Past participants have gone on to volunteer with the foundation and provide hands-on support in Nepal.

Reach for Nepal checkpoint
REACH for Nepal volunteers
REACH for Nepal volunteers taking a break

The Gift of a Goat Changes Lives

‘It is far more effective to channel donations into projects that enable families to generate an income and provide food and education for their children, than providing one-off donations for immediate relief,’ stated the CEO of REACH for Nepal.

Giving a goat to a family in Nepal can greatly improve their livelihood. When a family receives a goat, not only is their livelihood improved, but so are the opportunities for their children.

Gift of a goat in Nepal

Owning goats helps families become self-sufficient by breeding and selling them, as well as consuming their milk. This generates income for the family, allowing them to afford food and provide education for their children. It also improves their nutrition.

Focusing on women when giving livestock can also empower them, as women often play a central role in managing household livestock. Donating a goat, particularly to a woman, can create a ripple effect, benefiting her family and promoting social and economic development. 

Goat house in Nepal

Volunteers constructing a goat shelter.

To enter and help raise funds as an Aussie Peace Walk participant, visit this page

Or visit the foundation’s website here.

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