Sydney IML IVV Cup

Wondering what to do in the time between the 2025 Rotorua Walking Festival and the Aussie Peace Walk?

Mark 22-23 March 2025 in your diary to be in Sydney and take part in the IML & IVV Cup.

Come and join us in the Sydney IML IVV Cup, a unique ‘one off’ event.

Sydney IML IVV Cup 2025 logoOver the weekend of 22-23 March 2025 we will be walking the first half of the iconic Bondi to Manly Walk (20km per day walkers).

There is always the option to continue after the weekend to complete the full 80km walk on your own – or with new friends you have made over the weekend.

no cup graphicWhat is an IML IVV Cup?

The ‘IML IVV Cup’ is not a shiny trophy that is destined to sit forgotten on a shelf gathering dust. It’s a metaphorical cup that you fill with rich experiences and memories of the friendships you collect along the way.

‘The Cup’ is a challenge event promoting non-competitive walking events accredited by the two main international walking organisations: the IML (IML Walking Association) and IVV (Internationaler Volkssport Verband).

While there is no physical ‘cup’, participants may earn event credit in a special IML IVV Cup Record Book and be eligible to purchase associated awards, subject to meeting qualifying requirements.

Separate IML and IVV recognition is also available.

Every year, there are a maximum of six IML & IVV Cup events held worldwide. This is the first cup to be held in the Sydney area.

IML IVV Cup events must last a minimum of two days and include two 20km walks on consecutive days.

Catch a ferry at the Sydney IML IVV Cup

On Saturday, catch a ferry from the finish back into Sydney Harbour.

On Saturday, both the 20km and 10km walks start at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach and head along the coast toward Sydney Harbour.

Bondi Beach, with its golden sands and blue waters, is not just a beach but a cultural icon of Australia. It’s a place where the Australian spirit of adventure, relaxation, and egalitarianism comes to life. The beach’s history dates back to the mid-1800s and is a favourite spot for both locals and tourists.

It’s the birthplace of the world’s first surf lifesaving club, established in 1907, which revolutionised beach safety worldwide.

Bondi Beach embodies the Australian way of life and is a testament to the nation’s love for the great outdoors.

20km and 10km Walking Options

Don’t miss this great opportunity to be a part of a unique ‘one off’ event; The Sydney IML IVV Cup.

Whichever distance you choose, you will enjoy amazing coastal views.

For those who are attending the Rotorua Walking Festival the weekend prior, there will also be a briefing and information session after the closing ceremony.

All the walks are on paths and well-maintained bush tracks.

There are plenty of ups and downs, lots of steps and even some short sections of sand walking that may be challenging for some walkers.

However, there is no pressure to finish by a certain time and there are plenty of resting points along the way.

Several walk leaders will act as guides over the weekend. In addition, we will provide GPX files, RouteYou maps, and Bondi to Manly written directions to assist those who do not want to walk with the guides.

All walks will start at 10am. This should allow sufficient time for walkers to eat breakfast and travel via public transport to the start meeting point.

whale icon

The 80km Bondi to Manly walking route is marked with a sign of a yellow whale with footprints.


All walkers meet at Bondi Beach (shelter opposite McDonalds) – bus stop at Bondi Beach, Campbell Pde, Stand C.

Both 20km walkers and 10km walkers head north on Bondi to Manly route.

10km walkers – stop at ‘The Gap’ and cut across to Watsons Bay Wharf – then catch a ferry to Circular Quay.

20km walkers – continue up from ‘The Gap’ and follow trail to Rose Bay Wharf – then catch a ferry to Circular Quay. 


10km walkers head back to Bondi Beach and walk south towards Coogee then on to Maroubra – then catch a bus back to Sydney city. Note, the walk is 11.6km, so you will get 12km IVV credit.

20km walkers – Catch a ferry back to Rose Bay then walk back to Sydney, you’ll walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge and on to North Sydney Wharf – then catch a ferry back to Circular Quay.

Celebration Dinner

Optional dinner at El Loco at Slip Inn, 111 Sussex St, Sydney (venue to be confirmed).

(The Slip Inn is where Mary Donaldson met Prince Frederick of Denmark!)

Saturday 20km

a map with a 20km line on it

Saturday 10km

a map of a Sydney with a line on it

Sunday 20km

a map of sydney with a line on it
Sydney IML IVV Cup 2025 logo

Sunday 10km

a map of sydney coast with a line on it

The coastline around the southern Sydney suburbs is a spectacular tapestry of nature.

Golden sandy beaches and waves crashing against rugged cliffs that stand as sentinels to the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean.

This area is a paradise for those who seek the tranquility of sandy beaches and the thrill of vibrant marine life close to the city.

It’s a place where every view is a postcard, every breath is fresh with salty air, and every moment is a memory in the making.

Danger Cliff sign
Walk near bondi
Path along Sydney’s Spectacular coast south of Bondi Beach

Costs and Accommodation

Registration Fee

Cost for IML/IVV Cup is $50, no matter which event or combination of walks you choose to do. This includes your IVV stamps, and IML stamp if walking the required distance each day. Accommodation, meals and transport are extra.

Accommodation Options

There are many hotels to choose from in Sydney. For those on a budget, look at hostels near the Central Train Station or closer to Circular Quay, but wherever you choose to stay in Sydney you will likely find ready access to buses, light rail, trains or ferries – all covered on the one public transport network.

Transport in Sydney

Purchase an Opal Card or use a contactless credit card for cheaper travel – maximum daily and weekly fares apply if you use the same payment method for all of your travel. This also includes travel to the Blue Mountains.

Note that the train from the Sydney airport into Sydney is not included in the daily fare cap and is priced separately.

a waterfall in the mountains

The Blue Mountains

Extra Walking Activities Before and After the IML IVV Cup

Some suggested additional walks:

Feel free to complete these walks in your own time or join some of the AussieWalk members for a group walk. Meet up times will be advised closer to the date for those interested. 

Additional walks before/after the event are $5/walk/day for IVV credit to a maximum of $30/person. (To be paid on the day.)

Wednesday/Thursday: 19-20 March

Grand Cliff Top Walk

(2 days self-guided IVV walk in the Blue Mountains)

Book accommodation in Wentworth Falls from Wed 19 – Fri 21 March (2 nights) – suggest Grand View Hotel – (also check various booking sites for best rate).  Train from Sydney Central Station to Wentworth Falls on Wednesday – drop bags at hotel.

Day 1

Walk starts just behind the Grand View Hotel, 11km Grade 3 walk with steps and plenty of ups and downs, plus an extra 1.5km to train station at Leura at the end of the walk to get back to hotel. Allow 5-7hrs.

Day 2

Walk starts with a short train trip back to Leura and 1.5km walk back to Gordon Falls, then 8km walk to Katoomba, plus 2km to train at end of the day. Allow 4-5hrs, plus optional time at Scenic World if interested and time permits. Total of 24km IVV credit.

For more information about this walk. 

Friday 21 March

Sydney City IVV Walk

(Nominal distance 12km)

Note that there is approximately 4km of overlap on this route with the 2nd day of the IML IVV Cup route for those doing the 20km walks.

The guided walk will offer some variations to minimise the overlap, including The Rocks and Botanic Gardens. Meet at Circular Quay in front of Wharf 4.

a woman standing on a metal railing in a forest

Monday/Tuesday (24-25 March)

Option 1

Complete the Bondi to Manly Walk 

Monday – North Sydney Wharf to Spit Bridge, nominal distance 20.2km

Tuesday – Spit Bridge to Manly Beach, nominal distance 20km

IVV credit is available for these walks.

Option 2

Complete the Permanent IVV Trails

Monday – Spit Bridge to Manly (10-13km), does not include the circuit around North Head which is part of the official Bondi to Manly route. 

This walk is highly recommended if not wanting to complete the longer walks.

Tuesday (or Wednesday if doing Option 1)

Bondi to Coogee and beyond (7-18km), the first 11km (Bondi to Maroubra) is the Day 2 IML IVV Cup route for the 10km walkers.

Routes and walk descriptions are available for both of these walks.

Other Special Activities in Sydney

In addition to all of the walking opportunities, there are a couple of special activities that will likely require advance booking:

Note that you will walk past the open air venue on the Sunday 20km route. (A rain poncho is a must because the performance proceeds even if it rains.)

Getting to Canberra

Murrays Buses have regular express services from outside Sydney Central Railway Station to Canberra City Centre. 

Aim to arrive in Canberra before midday on Friday 28th March to ensure you don’t miss any of the Aussie Peace Walk pre-event activities.

The welcome walk and reception start at 12:30pm. 

Please do not arrive at the Albert Hall before midday on Friday.

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