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Health & Safety is our Top Priority

Please read terms and conditions carefully before continuing with your entry.

Event Activities means all activities associated with the Aussie Peace Walk and may include (but not be limited to) walking on designated routes; activities at the Headquarters (HQ) precinct and at checkpoints along the routes; and attending the opening and closing ceremonies. Activities may be scheduled or unscheduled, mandatory or optional, structured or unstructured and include free time.


I acknowledge that my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions includes acceptance for all family members and/or group participants, including minors under 18 years of age, registered for the Event through a single registration form completed by me. The terms ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘myself’ or ‘we’ in these Terms and Conditions refer to all participants collectively registered through a single registration form.

By registering for and participating in the 2024 Aussie Peace Walk (the ‘Event’) I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the Event and acknowledge the inherent risks in connection with the Event and Event Activities.

I agree that I assume and accept full responsibility for my well-being, for the inherent and other risks (both known and unknown) of Event Activities, and for any injury, damage, death or loss suffered by me, resulting from those inherent and other risks, including but not limited to the risk of my, a co-participant’s, a Released Party’s, a volunteer’s and/or a third party’s passive or active negligence or intentional or other misconduct. I enter entirely at my own risk and that by registering I invoke the following Indemnity and Release.

By registering for and participation in the Event I agree to the following Medical Information and Consent.

I will abide by and accept all Terms and Conditions set out below, on the Event website and within the Event’s online registration process and acknowledge that the Event Operator reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Event at any time.

I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of every individual at the Event including participants, volunteers, contractors and members of the general community. I will, at all times, act responsibly and maintain high standards in respect to my language and actions and will not discriminate against any person on any grounds.

I declare that all information provided by me on the Entry Registration Form is true and correct.

Indemnity & Release

I acknowledge that the decision to participate in the Event, including that of accompanied minors under my care, is entirely my own. I agree that it is a condition of participating that I do so at my own risk.

I acknowledge that the inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers (collectively referred to as “risks”) of participating in the Event are potentially hazardous and may cause serious injury, damage, death or loss to myself, other participants, volunteers, contractors or members of the public, from various causes including over-exertion, dehydration, cardiac arrest, accidents with other participants, spectators, and members of the general public including road users.

Except where provided or required by law and as such cannot be excluded, in consideration of and as a condition of my acceptance of my entry in The Aussie Peace Walk (‘the Event’), I accept all risks and agree to release and waive the liability of the Event Operator, waiving any claim, right or cause of action that I or any other person might have against the organisers of the Event relating to or arising out of loss of life; or physical or mental injury; or the contraction, aggravation or acceleration of a disease of an individual; or damage or loss of any description which I may suffer in the course of or as a result of my entry or participation in the Event.

I acknowledge that this waiver releases and discharges all and any of the organisers, their servants and agents including, but not limited to LifeSmith Pty Ltd, Australian Federal Police, ACT Government, Commonwealth of Australia, National Capital Authority, Medical Service Providers and ACT Ambulance Service, Volunteers and Community Service organisations and all persons and organisations involved or engaged in promoting or staging the event, of any liability, any loss, injury or damage, whether the loss, injury or damage is attributable to the act or neglect of any one or more of them.

I have read the Terms and Conditions of entry for the Event and understand the demanding physical nature of the Event. I declare as a condition of my entry, that I have sufficiently trained for this Event and that I am not aware of any illness, injury or any other physical disability or impairment which may cause me injury or death while participating in the Event.

If that I become aware of any medical condition or impairment, or am otherwise sick or injured prior to the Event, I will withdraw from the Event.

By participating in the Event, I acknowledge that I may be exposed to COVID-19 or other transmittable diseases or infections and voluntarily assume all risks related to my exposure to these.

Parents and/or guardians acknowledge that children under 16 years old may find the distances difficult, and accept all responsibility for withdrawing their children (and themselves if this leaves the children unattended) from the Event if it is identified that this is needed for their health and safety.

I agree to LifeSmith Pty Ltd, owner of the Aussie Peace Walk (the Event), entering my personal details on the entry form into a database which will be used for the administration of the Event and which may be used for future marketing and promotion of this Event.

I grant to the Event Operator, its affiliates and sponsors the right and permission to photograph, film, record and/or otherwise capture in any media, the name, image, voice, written statement, photograph and/or visual likeness of me (collectively “Images”) with the right to sub-licence, during the Event Activities or otherwise without payment or compensation, for use for any purpose in any media throughout the world in perpetuity. I understand that all ownership and copyright in the images will be owned by the Event Operator, its affiliates or sponsors and I waive any inspection or approval rights.

checking in

Medical Information

The Event Operator utilises the expertise of local Event Medical Services as the Event first responders who will be based at the Event Headquarters throughout the Event.

If a medical incident occurs during the Event, volunteers and participants are required to contact the Event Medical Service in the first instance. They are experienced professionals in this field, will triage each incident appropriately and have direct access to ACT Ambulance in the event that further medical attention is required.

Participants, in conjunction with their physician, are responsible for determining whether the Event Activities are appropriate for themselves (or their children) before participation. Independent medical advice should be sought prior to participating in the Event if a participant has a medical condition that requires monitoring or management in order to successfully participate in the Event.

COVID-19 continues to be prevalent throughout the community. The Event Operator has enhanced health and safety measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at the Event. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness, permanent disability and death. Senior citizens and people with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.


I consent to the collection, storage and exchange between the Event Operator and the Event Medical Service, of my personal and health information obtained by either party in the administration of the Event, including this registration and any treatment I receive at the Event.

I further consent that such information may be used by the Event Operator and Event Medical Service for the purposes of providing or preparing to provide medical assistance to me in connection with the Event; conducting a post-Event review of medical services provided to me during the Event; preparing and reporting on incidents occurring in connection with the Event; enabling the Event Operator and Event Medical Service to comply with health and safety law and to undertake critical incident procedures (including the Event Operator sharing my information with my representatives for insurance related purposes), and otherwise as required or permitted by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any applicable State or Territory legislation relating to health information.

I consent to the personal medical information I provide in the Event registration to be included in my Event Registration Passport and to be provided to medical personnel in the event I have a medical episode.

I consent to receiving medical treatment that the Event Medical Service consider necessary or desirable during the Event and acknowledge that this may include referrals to the ACT Ambulance Service and the ACT Health System.

I will provide an Emergency contact name and phone number as part of my registration and agree that the Event Operator, Event Medical Service, Event organising committee or their authorised representatives including ACT Ambulance and ACT Health representatives, may contact that person and provide my personal information to them in case of an emergency

I agree that I will not attend the Event if

  • I feel unwell or have displayed any COVID-19 symptoms as identified by ACT Health in the 7 days prior to, or on the day of the Event. Symptoms may include a temperature, fever, Shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of smell or taste or flu-like symptoms including a persistent cough or sore/dry throat.
  • I have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days, I am awaiting results of a COVID-19 test or I have been in direct contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 7 days.

I understand that I or any person included in my registration booking may be refused entry to the Event if they display COVID-19 symptoms.

I acknowledge that the Event is operating in accordance with applicable (ACT Health) public health orders which may stipulate requirements for managing COVID-19.

By agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, I acknowledge I have read the content above carefully and give my consent (and, where relevant, consent on behalf of all group participants registrations) for the necessary Medical Services to be provided.

Routes & Distances

The Event includes a number of walking distances ranging between 7km to 42km over a two-day period, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and activities around the Event Headquarters or at checkpoints around the routes.

While the Event is a personal challenge and not a race, there may be cut-off times for completion of routes, or in the case of the Saturday 42km route at the 1/2-way (21km) checkpoint.

Distances identified for Saturday 23 March 2024 will be aproximately 7km, 12km, 21km and 42km.

Distances identified for Sunday 24 March 2024 will be aproximately 7km, 12km and 24km.

All routes will be available to view on the Event website.

Routes and therefore distances may be changed by the organisers at any time and without notice and is at the discretion of the organisers. Route changes may be due to weather conditions affecting sections of, or a complete route; ACT or Commonwealth government requirements; infrastructure or traffic works; or for any other logistical reason.

Country flags may be carried and national dress or identifying colours are encouraged. The carrying of political or other banners, placards etc is prohibited.

Participation Eligibility

Event organisers encourage people of all ages to participate. To ensure the safety of all, any person participating in the Event, including children in prams or strollers, must register their participation.

Children under 6 years old are free to participate in the Event, but MUST be accompanied by a registered, participating parent or guardian at all times and when possible should be kept in a secure form of transportation, eg pram or stroller. 

Minors under the age of 16 years at the date of the Event, must be accompanied on the Event by a participating parent or guardian (for example, this may include Scout Group Leaders or School Teachers).

For participants under 18 years of age at the date of the Event, a parent or guardian must accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to the Indemnity and Release on their behalf.

Participants must be physically fit and medically able to participate in the Event. Those who require support to complete the Event must arrange their own support walker or guide. Event organisers will not provide this service.

Entry Registration

Participants accept the Entry Fees as stated on the website (plus transaction fees), noting that these fees may change closer to the Event.

If a participant wishes to walk a route other than one they have registered on, they are able to do so by advising the Registration Desk prior to the earlier starting event, and having this change noted against their name.

All participants will be given an Event Registration Passport (booklet) with their registration information, Medical and Emergency contact details as provided at the time of online registration. The Registration Passport must be kept on your person at all times during the walks and at HQ. The Registration Passport must be presented for verification at all checkpoints throughout the course to receive the relevant award.

Walkers must complete both days of the Event to be eligible for the Aussie Peace Walk Medal or Bar.

Event Check-In

All participants must check-in to the Event and collect their Registration Passport (booklet) at the designated Registration Desk, prior to commencing any routes.

All participants must sign-on and sign-off each of the routes they are walking. This may require physically completing a sign-on/sign-off sheet or the process may be digitised and therefore automatic when commencing/completing the routes. Participants will be notified of the requirement when collecting their Registration Passport.

All participants must sign-off the route at the completion of their chosen distance. It is extremely important if you decide to pull out and not complete your distance, that you make immediate contact with and advise the Registration Desk at HQ. The phone number is on the back of the Registration Passport. This prevents unnecessary concern and searching for ‘missing’ walkers

Marathon walkers (42km) must check-in at the half-way checkpoint and may be advised to withdraw at this point. The Marathon route includes a cut-off time of 11.45am to complete the first half, in order to continue on the remainder of the route. ANY Marathon walker finishing the first section after 11.45am will not be able to continue the second section, however they will be recognised as having completed the 21km route, which will contribute to their Event recognition awards.


WALKING means to move in such a way that your weight is in contact with the ground through either foot at all times.

Running or jogging is not permitted in this Event.

Participants are to walk at their own pace, having care and consideration for others, and moving to the side when resting or being passed by others so as not to cause an obstruction. Rest stops may be taken at any time.

The route must be followed exactly and on foot. Running is prohibited and the use of cars, bicycles, roller-skates/blades or other conveyances will cause disqualification. The pushing of prams/strollers for pre-school children is permitted. Note that some routes have off-road sections.

All routes are on shared pathways with the general public and participants will encounter other walkers, joggers or people on bicycles and other forms of personal transport such as scooters or skateboards. When moving on a footpath or recreation path keep to the left and leave half the path free for passing traffic and/or traffic moving in the opposite direction.

Only walk along a roadway when there is no footpath, and in such event, move along the edge of the roadway against the direction of traffic flow. Cross roadways only at controlled and/or designated crossings and at all times cross with care. Note: Traffic in Australia keeps to the left side of the road. Look to your right first, then left, then right again.


All rubbish must be placed in bins or carried back home.

Care is to be taken to prevent damage to the environment including trees, bush, plants etc.

The Event will be held irrespective of the weather. Some or all routes may be re-routed, postponed or cancelled at the discretion of the organisers if the weather is deemed dangerous, or if the designated routes are closed because of conditions beyond the organisers’ control.

Competitions, Raffles, Spot Prizes

The Event Operator and/or sponsors or prize providers may promote competitions (eg for photography), raffles and/or spot prizes in the lead-up time, during and after the Event. Prizes may be changed at the discretion of the Event Operator or prize provider and cannot be taken as cash. No responsibility is accepted for any variation in the value of any prize. 

All entries become the property of the Event Operator. Personal information collected from entrants to conduct the competition may, in the course of business, be disclosed by the Event Operator to third parties, as required. Entry in competitions or raffles is conditional on provision of the personal information requested, and incomplete entries may be disqualified. Entries may be entered into a database and the Event Operator may use the entrants’ names and contact details for future promotional, marketing, and publicity in various forms by the Event Operator, and may be shared with the sponsor or prize provider. The entrant consents to such use. Entrants may direct any request to access their personal information to the Event Operator.

The decision of the Event Operator or sponsor representatives is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


The Event Operator engages with independent individuals and organisations who provide volunteers for some of the Event services and to conduct some of the Event Activities participants may engage in. The Event Operator supports the volunteers by providing training (including trial walks of all the routes in which volunteers may take part), information about the event and the needs of participants, and providing Voluntary Workers’ Insurance cover.

Community Support and Fundraising

During the lead-up to and delivery of the Event, the Event Operator supports community projects by providing fundraising opportunities, project exposure on the Event website and through media and promotions, and visibility in places such as HQ and/or checkpoints during the event. To learn more about fundraising opportunities, visit the Event website.

A designated third-party charity platform service provider, Grassrootz, provides online fundraising support services to Event participants who wish to raise funds for community programs in connection with the Event. Participants may independently register with the Charity Platform Provider to fundraise for or make a one-off donation to Event-supported community projects. This will be strictly subject to the Charity Platform Provider’s terms and conditions (as notified during such registration) and certain fees and/or other charges may be deducted from funds raised or donations made, as payment for these services. The Event Operator has no responsibility to participants in connection with such fundraising with the Charity Platform Provider and participants release the Event Operator from all claims whatsoever in connection with such fundraising.

External Contractors

The Event Operator contracts with individuals or organisations that are independent contractors to provide some Event services and to conduct some of the activities participants will engage in. The Event Operator does not supervise or control these independent contractors and is not legally liable or responsible for their conduct.

In addition, activities take place on premises or at facilities not owned or controlled by the Event Operator, and the Event Operator does not oversee or take responsibility for any aspect or condition of these independent facilities or premises.


The Aussie Peace Walk is a registered and approved IML and IVV walking event. All IML or IVV rules are advised to their members and must be adhered to by IML/IVV participants. Questions relating to these organisations are to be directed towards the organisation’s representatives.

The minimum specified distance for accreditation towards the IML awards is the (nominal) 20 km route on each day (or 10 km on each day for those over 70 years old).

The Aussie Peace Walk organising committee is not part of the IML/IVV process and will defer all related requests to the respective representative.

Risks for Participants

Athletic Activity: Training for, practicing or participating in endurance or other events associated with distance walking involves frequent and repetitive use of the arms and legs, minimum levels of fitness and endurance, and potentially pushing the limits of the participant’s abilities.

Outdoor Environment: Participants may be subject to variances in terrain and route surfaces, extremely hot or cold weather, severe storms or bad weather such as lightening, strong winds, rain, hail and/or ice; stinging, venomous and/or disease carrying animals or insects and other natural or man-made hazards. Hazards may not be marked or visible and the weather is always unpredictable.

Decision-making and conduct: An Event Operator staff member, representative, volunteer, contractor, or co-participant may misjudge a participant’s capabilities, health, or physical condition; misjudge some aspect of instruction, medical treatment, weather, terrain, or route location; or one of those persons may not warn participants about one or more of the inherent risks of the Event Activities.

Walking: Participants may lose control, tripping and falling to the ground, colliding with objects or people, or encountering other road/trail hazards.

Personal health and participation: Participants may contract communicable disease(s) including but not limited to COVID-19, from other person(s) before, during, and/or after the Event and other activities. The risk that a participant’s mental, physical or emotional condition (including any use or abuse of alcohol or prescription or non-prescription drugs), whether disclosed or undisclosed, known or unknown, combined with participation in these activities and associated risks could result in injury, damage, death or other loss. Although the Event Operator may review participant’s medical information submitted in the registration process, the Event Operator cannot anticipate or eliminate risks or complications posed by a participant’s mental, physical (including fitness level) or emotional condition.

Location: The location of the Event and Event Activities may cause or contribute to delays or difficulties in communication, transportation, evacuation or medical care.

Premises: Ruts, holes, rocks, uneven ground, slippery or wet floors or other conditions may exist in and around Event Activities.

Supervision and Activities: Neither the Event Operator nor any staff, representatives, volunteers, contractors or anyone associated with them will supervise participants during the Event or Event Activities at any time. Adult participants will be solely responsible for their own well-being at all times. If applicable, a minor participant’s parent or guardian will have sole responsibility for the minor’s participation and supervision before, during and after the Event and Event Activities, including during free time and at all other times.

Conduct: Participants, co-participants and/or third party(s) may act in a neglect or intentional manner.

Criminal/Terrorist Activity: The potential that third party(s) may commit criminal acts or acts of terrorism.

These and other risks may result in participant(s) falling partway or fully to the ground; being struck; colliding with objects (eg parked or moving vehicles and/or bicycles) or people; reacting to weather conditions or increased exertion; becoming lost or disoriented; suffering gastro-intestinal complications, allergic reactions, renal failure or muscle necrosis or experiencing other problems. These and other circumstances may cause heat or cold related illnesses or conditions (including hypothermia, hyperthermia, frostbite, or heat exhaustion/stroke); dehydration; heart or lung complications; broken bones; paralysis or other permanent disability; mental or emotional trauma; concussion; sunburn or other burns or other injury, damage, death or loss – before, during or after the participant takes part in the Event or other Event Activities.

Collecting a checkpoint kit

Event Cancellation

It is expected and planned that the Event will be held even during inclement weather conditions. However there may be instances where the Event must be cancelled due to unforeseen and/or unplanned-for circumstances.

Cancellation may be at the discretion of the organisers or at the direction of the Australian Federal Police, ACT or Commonwealth Government officials.

In the unlikely event of cancellation, participants will be notified immediately by email and/or SMS. Further advice regarding Event rescheduling or cancellation and the implications for participants will be forwarded to the registered email address as soon as practically possible.

Registration Transfers and Refunds

No refunds will be given for change of mind, change of personal circumstances or injury.

No refunds will be given for additional purchases including merchandise, donations, payment platform fees or credit card fees.

Registrations may be transferred to another person by making a request in writing via email to before 11.59pm (AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time), Sunday 04 February 2024. Registration transfers to another person will not be available after this date. An administration fee of $22.00 (including GST, plus transaction fees) will be charged to transfer a registration to another person.

Transfer of an event registration to a future event or partial refunds of the entry fee only, may be available where participation in the Event is not appropriate due to medical reasons. See ‘Medical Withdrawals’.

No registration transfers or refunds will be given if the current registration has already been transferred from a previous year.

Medical Withdrawals

If you cannot participate in the event for medical reasons, you may be eligible to transfer your registration to the 2025 Event or receive a partial refund of the entry fee only, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Requests for eligible Event registration transfer to the 2025 Event on the basis of medical reasons must be notified to the Event Operator in writing via email to with a supporting medical certificate outlining the medical reason before 11.59pm (AEST), Sunday 04 February 2024. There will be no registration transfers for medical withdrawals after this date.


  • Requests for eligible partial refunds of 50% of the paid Entry Fee only, on the basis of medical reasons must be notified to the Event Operator in writing via email to with a supporting medical certificate outlining the medical reason before 11.59pm (AEST), Sunday 04 February 2024. There will be no refunds for medical withdrawals after this date.
  • Where eligible, please allow up to 30 business days for your refund to be processed. The refund is automatically issued to the credit card originally used to pay for the registration. If this card has since expired or been cancelled, it is your responsibility to notify the Event Operator when requesting the eligible refund.


If the Event is cancelled by the Event Operator, the default action by the Event Operator will be to transfer all registrations to the 2025 Event.

A refund of entry fees may be requested and must be sent in writing via email to within 28 days (4 weeks) of notification of the Event being cancelled. The amount refunded will be for the entry fee only, less a 10% processing fee and will not include additional purchases made at the time of registration, including merchandise, donations, payment platform fees or credit card fees.

If the Event is postponed to a date later in the same calendar year, all event registrations will be automatically transferred to the new event date and the above refund clause will not apply.


In the unlikely event that ACT Health authorities determine that the 2024 Aussie Peace Walk cannot take place for reasons relating to COVID-19, all participants will have their race registration automatically transferred to the 2025 Aussie Peace Walk.

Alternatively, and only for COVID-19 related reasons participants may receive a 50% refund of their registration fee. This option must be requested in writing to within 28 day of the 2024 event cancellation. If the refund option is not requested in writing within 28 days, no refund will be given.


Participants may view their personal information and request that these details be updated if they change.

Lifesmith Pty Ltd (The Event Operator) and its authorised representatives respect and value the privacy of all information we collect about participants for the administration and conduct of the Event. Information collected is securely stored on the Event Operator’s database and will not be provided to third parties unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, or with the express written permission of the participant.

In a medical event personal information may be disclosed to the Event Medical Service and paramedical personnel as per the Medical Information and consent clause.


The Event Operator and the event organising committee will not be responsible for illness or accident, damage or theft of clothing or other possessions of any participant caused through any reason.

Decisions made by the Event Operator representatives and/or members of the organising committee or officials are final and binding on all participants.

The information provided in these Terms and Conditions is not exhaustive. Other unknown or unanticipated activities and inherent or other risks may exist. The Event Operator cannot assure participants’ safety or eliminate any of the risks. Participants should consult Event Operator representatives or Event organising Committee members should they have further questions about the activities or associated risks.

Any contingency not covered by these rules will be covered by a decision of the organising committee.

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