Trial 2023 Peace Walks Completed

Last Saturday and Sunday our enthusiastic volunteers did trial walks of each of the eight Aussie Peace Walk routes from 7km to 42km.

Mar 7, 2023

Last weekend our enthusiastic volunteers walked all eight Aussie Peace Walk routes for a final check.

We do this every year a few weeks before the Aussie Peace Walk to test that routes are easy to access.  

In the past we discovered construction works which blocked paths, flood damage and other obstacles that have required last-minute route changes or some rectification.

Last weekend we discovered a couple of places that are overgrown and will need some maintenance in the next three weeks, and have notified the relevant authorities, otherwise everything looked fabulous.

The volunteer walks are also an important opportunity for volunteers to do some of the route marking in a few of the less accessible areas, plus check to see where additional signage may be required.

Guide Walkers

This year we are introducing guide walkers (volunteers who have walked the tracks several times and know the way.) Guide walkers will wear fluro vests, so if participants are unsure of the route, they can walk with keep the guide walkers in sight.

The two days of walk gives us a great opportunity to chat, just as the participants will in the actual event. One thing that we all agree on is that the best combination of walks is definitely the Saturday 21 km East walk and the 24 km on Sunday.

The combination of these two events provides participants a fabulous immersive experience of our National Capital. The 21 km east walk goes through Commonwealth Park, past most of the monuments on Anzac Parade, around the Corillion, through the Trench Walk and the Jerrabomberra Wetlands then on past the Kingston Foreshore and back to Albert Hall.

Then the 24 km walk adds a fantastic vista over Lake Burley Griffin, before going down through the Cork Forest, along the fire trails around Black Mountain, then through the beautiful rainforest walk in the Botanic Gardens and back to the finish.

Volunteer walks are an important opportunity for volunteers to make notes to improve route marking.

water refilling

Volunteers refill their water-bottles on the 24km route before tackling the Black Mountain trails.

Volunteers Participate

There aren’t many events where all the volunteers also have an opportunity to take part. Because many volunteers will man checkpoints or do administrative roles on the day, the trial walks give all of our volunteers an opportunity to take part.

All the volunteers that walked on consecutive days in the volunteer walks, will receive the finisher’s medal. (They just did the event three weeks early.)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers who roamed around with us last weekend. Particularly those who walked the marathon, the 21 km and the 24 km routes. The event is all the better for your efforts.”

Sri Chinmoy statue

Some of the volunteers on the trial of the 24km route stop for a quick photo at the Sri Chinmoy Statue. This year the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run torch will be handed to a representative who will carry it to continue its journey in the Aussie Peace Walk


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