Trial Walks Have Begun

Every year, roughly a month before the Aussie Peace Walk, volunteers get together to do trial walks around each of the Aussie Peace Walk routes.

Feb 7, 2024

We hold these volunteer trial walks for several reasons. The focus is to check the routes, looking for places where we may need specific signage or route marshals. As we are going, we discussed checkpoints, and volunteer tasks.

In the Aussie Peace Walk, we provide guide walkers for each event. This helps participants who are worried about getting lost to stay on track.

Volunteer guide walkers need to be familiar with each trail that they are helping on, and so obviously the volunteer guides need to take part in the trial walks so they know their way.

Your event guides will know things such as where the toilet stops, drink stops, and the checkpoints are located. Guide walkers are usually locals, so they are familiar with the area and can help point out interesting features for visiting walkers.

We have some big changes in store for 2024, which is all the more reason to hold our preparatory trial walks for volunteers.

Below: 50 walkers pass under Commonwealth Bridge nearing the finish of the Saturday MarchMingle route.

Walking on the Saturday MarchMingle route

Joining the 7km MarchMingle on both Saturday and Sunday allows you to explore both paved pathways and a nearby bush trail in the heart of the city.

walking on the Sunday 7km

Both days of the weekend were hot, with 33°C on Saturday and 36°C on Sunday, but fortunately we walked in the morning while it was still cool. The Saturday 7 km MarchMingle  was particularly pleasant, because of a nice cloud cover.

50 walkers attended the Saturday trial walk, made up of a mix of volunteers from the Canberra Walking For Pleasure group and a contingent from CanHike along with Rotarians from three Canberra Rotary Clubs.

Of the Sunday, 25 volunteers took part in the short walk. The Sunday 7 km MarchMingle is a very different event to the Saturday version. With some small hills and bush trails, and makes for a very pleasant walk through bushland only a kilometre from Parliament House.

Volunteers who cannot take part in the Aussie Peace Walk because they are working as marshals or managing checkpoints can earn their medals or bars as though they had completed the actual event in March.

Some of the Group Practice Forming a Mingle Millipede

From 2024, we have discontinued providing two-day walker finisher medals for participants doing less than 10km on each day.

However, those participants who have previously earned the Aussie Peace Walk two-day walking medal for the 7km events will still get the year collar to add to their existing medal if they complete the two 7km walks in 2024 or 2025.

On the weekend, two of our volunteer walkers finished the two 7 km MarchMingle volunteer walks and were awarded their 2024 collars to add to the medals that they received in 2022.


If you are intersted in volunteering in the Aussie Peace Walk or MarchMingle, visit the Volunteering page and follow the links to register your interest.

Below: The first walkers to receive their 2024 Aussie Peace Walk finisher’s recognition.

Medal winners 2024


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