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Register as a Volunteer by 28 February 2025

About Volunteering

Like to be a volunteer for the Aussie Peace Walk?

Volunteering is great fun and the way we do it, you can get all the benefits of working behind the scenes as well as walking for a medal.

What are some of the Tasks?

Volunteers are required on both days. You can indicate your availability when you register to volunteer.

  1. Marking out a section of the route – place directional signs and chalk marks in the days before.
  2. Assisting with the setup (Friday) and take down (Sunday) at Albert Hall precinct.
  3. Course safety checkers (bike) to ride each route before the start to ensure signage and markers are still in place.
  4. Course stewards at road crossings and other points to ensure walkers’ safety and help provide directions.
  5. Assist at or near one of the Charity Showcase Checkpoints.
  6. Roving course marshals (car) to resupply checkpoints and backup walkers.
  7. Roving course marshals (bike) to check walkers along the routes
  8. Tail End Charlie walkers for each of the routes.
  9. Guide ‘pace walkers’ to walk in events and help guide visitors.
  10. Retrieval of course signage (both afternoons once walkers have passed.)
  11. Other tasks on the day.

Why register to volunteer:

If you register, you will recieve emails on training and tasks between Janurary and March in the lead-up to the event.

Volunteer F.A.Q.

What are the time commitments?

This will vary depending on your task. As an example, allow about 5 hours +/-. Once you Register and indicate a preference and your availability, the Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact closer to the event so your preferences can be met.

As a Volunteer can I also participate as a walker?

You can. After you have registered as a volunteer, you will receive details of walking options for volunteers. 

Do NOT also register as a walker until after first registering as a volunteer.

Is there a cost to walk as a Volunteer?

Volunteer walkers taking on roles such as ‘guide walkers’ must also register as participants.

Registered volunteer walkers will get a discounted entry and will be eledigable for all prizes and benefits as other participants.

What personal things must I bring?

Good comfortable footwear, sunhat, water, sunscreen, appropriate clothes for the weather on that weekend.

Also bring your good humour, a smile and some welcoming chat for walker encouragement. 😁

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