Final checkpoint documents will be available for download here.


A Community Peacebuilding Event That Fosters Cross-Cultural Friendship

Volunteers start trial walks 7km

Checkpoint Timing

This is where you’ll find the Checkpoint MasterSheet for all the checkpoint and marshaling point estimated opening and closing times.

There are also ways for volunteers to participate as walkers.

The Aussie Peace Walk provides volunteers several ways to volunteer and also enjoy taking part in the event. Walking volunteers must register before Janurary 30 to take part in training in February.

Where do profits go?

In 2024, the main beneficiaries will be the Rotary District 9705 Indigenous Health project and the Communities at Work food pantries.

During the pandemic years of 2021 and 2022, all profits and associated fundraising have gone to the Rotary Give Every Child a Future centenary project. The Aussie Peace Walk contributed over AUD $32,000 and influenced additional donations of over $10,000 in this period.

Since foundation, the event has contributed over $75,000 to projects that contribute to the’s health and wellbeing.

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Latest News

This is a good entry point to discover more about the event.

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