Aussie Peace Walk . Since 1992

Walking Event History

Inspired by a two-day walking event in Ballarat Victoria, the event was first held in 1992 as the ‘Canberra Two-Day Walk’.

How It all began

The Canberra Two Day Walk aimed to promote health, fitness and friendship among walkers of all ages and backgrounds.

In Summary

The Canberra Two-Day Walk Association (CTDW) was established by Harry and Kathleen Berg in October 1991 and they held the first event on the first weekend in March 1992 with the aid of an ACT Government’s Bureau of Sport and Recreation grant.

You can read the fascinating full story here.

The event was publicised in the Dutch Australian newsletter and also through the Ballarat walk. Looking at the family names of the entrants in those early days, about one third appeared to be of Dutch heritage.

The first event had 299 participants.

“Sport and Recreation’ were delighted with the inaugural event and offered to underwrite it for a further 3 years.”

1992 medal presentation
1992 entry line up

Lining up to Enter For the First Two-Day Walk

Before the internet, the event was publicised in traditional media. People could enter by post but many lined up on the day to enter.

1992 route board

Above: A participant studies the route map in 1992.

The last Canberra Two-Day Walk!!

By 2018, owners of the event, AussieWalk IVV Inc., were struggling to see how the event could continue. Their small, ageing team of volunteers were no longer willing to continue running the event past its 29th year in 2020.

AussieWalk IVV Inc., sought a community service organisation to take over the annual event to ensure that it wouldn’t fold. After an initial rejection from a few organisations, the committee found Chris Edwards, a member of the Rotary Club of Hall.

Chris proposed rebranding the event and using it as a focal point to promote intercultural understanding and support for those in need. No physical event could be held in 2020 because of COVID-19, however, an effort was made to run the event virtually.

The 30th annual Canberra Two-Day event coincided with Rotary’s Centenary in Australia and New Zealand and so the event was renamed the ‘Rotary Aussie Peace Walk’, with the sole beneficiary of all profit and associated fundraising nominated as the Rotary Give Every Child a Future project to reduce child mortality in the Pacific Islands.

Despite being held during the global pandemic, when international and some state borders were closed, the first Aussie Peace Walk attracted double the participants of its predecessor and raised over $27,000 for the project.

What’s it all about?

Chris Edwards completed the 21km and 24km walks in the 2019 to experience the event firsthand. The understanding was that he would be involved in the organisation of the 2020 event to ‘learn the ropes’

Little did anyone know that 2019 would be the last Canberra Two-Day Walk, as COVID-19 would force the cancelation of the 2020 event.

Right: Chris with a participant from Vladivostok that took part in 2019.

Chris Edwards with Russian participant 2019

Since 2021: Event History

2022 Aussie Peace Walk

The 2nd Aussie Peace Walk 2022 Aussie Peace WalkThe 2nd Aussie Peace Walk. COVID-19 Restrictions were still in place and Only New Zealanders could enter the country.A Sad Start to a Colourful Event The 2022 event began on a somber note with the loss of Canberra...

2023 Aussie Peace Walk

The 2023 Aussie Peace Walk welcomed many international walkers. It was t-pandemic event.

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