Join the Walking Festival in Canberra: the bush Capital

Experience the beauty of Canberra’s natural bushland and connect with walkers from around the world in the Aussie Peace Walk.

A Walking Challenge Worth Taking

You can enter to take part in a walk on either the Saturday or the Sunday of the Aussie Peace Walk, Canberra’s International Two-Day Walking Festival.

Or, you can step up to the challenge and complete a walk on each day to earn your prestigious two-day walker medal.

Push yourself, explore picturesque trails, and embrace the satisfaction of achieving something extraordinary.

Enjoy Walking – It’s Not a Race

Aussie Peace Walk is about embracing the joy of walking, not competing against others. Challenge yourself by participating in the longest walks, test your limits, and revel in the personal accomplishment that comes with each step.

Join us with your family, club, or work colleagues to enjoy the weekend, making new friends in Australia’s Bush Capital.

As an international event, you’ll have to opportunity to walk with people from around the world. Talk about their country and learn about their culture. Maybe one day, you’ll have the opportunity of travelling to walk with your new friends in their own country?

Adventure, Fun and Prizes

The Aussie Peace Walk is not just a walking challenge, it’s about having fun and enjoying the outdoors together.

Plus, you could win a spot prize across the weekend. There are also competitions and prizes to be won for those who contribute to the spirit of the event.


Walk for a Worthy Cause

Make every step count by raising funds for your favourite charity.

By participating in Aussie Peace Walk, you’ll not only experience an unforgettable journey but you can also help make a positive impact for those in need.

Not only will a percentage of your entry fee go to support one of the event’s charity partners, but you can also use the event to help raise funds for a charity that is close to your heart. 

An Event for All Generations

Aussie Peace Walk is for all ages. It’s an opportunity for families to bond, create lasting memories, and inspire younger generations to embrace outdoor activity.

In 2023, our youngest participant was six-years-old and our eldest two-day walker was 93.

The Aussie Peace Walk is an event where people of all ages and backgrounds can participate on an equal footing.

Make a weekend of it. Come to Canberra and join in on a incredible walking adventure together.

Discover Australia’s Bush Capital

Canberra earned the nickname ‘Bush Capital’ because it is surrounded by the magnificent Brindabella ranges and has bushland areas sprinkled throughout the suburbs.

You can experience unforgettable walking adventures with stunning scenery and wildlife just a short walk from the heart of the city. 


Cultivate Lifelong Friendships

Aussie Peace Walk brings people together from across Australia and around the globe. Interact with fellow participants as you walk side by side, share stories, laughter, and forge lifelong friendships as you take the walking journey together.

A Walking Festival For All Fitness Levels

MarchMingle 7km Walks

MarchMingle 7km Walks

Welcome to the InterCultural MarchMingle, a vibrant new walking event that proudly stands as an integral part of the annual Aussie Peace Walk in the Nation’s Capital. Join us in a celebration of our cultural roots. Let’s foster intercultural friendships, and...

Saturday 21km Walks

Saturday 21km Walks

We offer two 21km route options. You may choose either ’21km East’ or ’21km West’ on  the day. The '21km East, in combination with the Sunday 24km walk gives you the best tour of Canberra.  Note: Each walk starts at a different time.Starting at Albert Hall, ’21k East’...

Sunday 12km Walk

Sunday 12km Walk

An comfortable walk for people of all ages with some bush tracks.  Starting at Albert Hall, walkers will head west around the edge of the lake and Weston Park.This walk will pass the Canberra Yacht Club and the Rowing Clubs and around Weston Park where you are likely...

Saturday 11 km Walk

Saturday 11 km Walk

A peaceful walk for people of all ages  Starting at Albert Hall, walkers will head past the Rotary World Peace Bell where you can have your photo taken ringing the bell.Head east around the edge of the lake, cross the bridge and walk through Commonwealth Park, under...

Mountain 24km Walk

Mountain 24km Walk

A nice walk, mostly on trails with spectacular views of Canberra  If you want to see the bush capital, there is no better way than to walk with others on the 24km MountainMingle.A slightly more challenging walk than Saturday’s 21km on trails with a few hills. But your...

Marathon 42km Walk

Marathon 42km Walk

Have you ever thought about running a marathon but wondered if you could make it? Or maybe you used to run marathons but your marathon running days are over? Then this is the event for you!Now is your opportunity to complete a marathon without the stress of...

Places You’ll Walk Past


WW1 Trench Walk

WW1 Trench Walk

These trenches were designed for attack and defence, and for the movement, housing, safety and support of troops. After 21km and 42km walkers pass the Carillon checkpoint, you will continue along beside Lake Burley Griffin and then beside the Molonglo River that was...

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Jerrabomberra Wetlands

Jerrabomberra Wetlands

42km and 21km walkers will go through this lovely natural area. Have your camera ready as you wander through this area.Did you know that there is a wetland nature reserve right near the Kingston Foreshore? If you are taking part in the 42km or the 21km Aussie Peace...

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