Walking With a World of New Friends: Two Weeks to go!

Come and walk around the Bush Capital with people from around the world.

Register before 10 March 2024 to get your personalised Event Passport.

One reason we love the Aussie Peace Walk is because it’s an event that the entire family can enjoy doing together.

Whether you’re a grandparent in your 80s or 90s, or a great-grandchild still in primary school. You can take part in the event together.

If you’re doing any of the two-day combination walks of over 12km, you’ll all go home with the two-day finisher’s medal. Each time they look at their medal, your child or grandchild will always remember the Aussie Peace Walk and the special bond they shared with you.

walking on the Sunday 7km

Above: 94-year-old Betty (with the red hat) joined us on some of the trial walks we did last month when we were testing the routes. 

Walkers you’ll meet on the trail

So far, our oldest entrant this year is 94-year-old Betty Pearson who registered for the 7km MarchMingle on both days.  

23 people have entered who are over 80 years old. Of those, 14 are doing the MoseyMingle (both 12km walks), including 91-year-old Anthony Buykx from Victoria; the oldest two-day walker who will receive the 2024 two-day walk bar for his previous finisher’s medal.

Now in their 90s, Anthony and Betty are both perennial participants in the Aussie Peace Walk. It just goes to show how important regular walking is for one’s health and wellbeing.

Our youngest registered two-day walker is a seven-year-old girl who has entered the two 7km MarchMingle walks. But impressively, the youngest person taking on the MegaMingle (both 42km and 24km walks) is a 13-year-old boy from Germany.

It is impressive to see the wide range of ages of participants, especially in the longer events whose ages range from 13 to 91.

2022-24 medal

One side of the Aussie Peace Walk two-day walk medal showing the ‘meeting place’ icon and kangaroo.

walk finishers with their medals 2022

We currently have 112 international entrants travelling from 14 countries. The largest contingents are coming from Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany and the United States of America.

Others are coming from as far afield as Canada and the Czech Republic, Norway, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Lithuania, South Korea and Japan.

Come and Make Them Feel Welcome

You can expect to see participants from each of the visiting nations in the inaugural Aussie Peace Walk Flag Parade preceding the Opening Ceremony on 22 March, 2024

The Flag Parade starts at Albert Hall at 4:30pm. It will make its way along the 450 metre journey to the Canberra Rotary World Peace Bell in Nara Park in time for the Opening Ceremony commencing at 4:55pm.

bring a picnic

Intercultural Family Picnic Activities

In 2024, we’re also introducing the Inaugural Intercultural Family Picnic to bring families and communities together.

We will hold the picnic on Saturday from 10am until 2pm at Lennox Gardens, which serves as the start location for the MarchMingle 7km Bridge2Bridge Walk. 

While the 7km walkers are making their way around the Bridge2Bridge route, there will be a 600m MiniMingle walk for children under 10 who will make their way around the park and ring the World Peace Bell.

Across the day, judges will be on the lookout for people wearing clothing that represents their cultural heritage.

Prizes will be awarded for those who get into the spirit of the intercultural picnic day, through dress, music or dance.

The last event on the picnic calendar will be a Mingle Millipede competition, with prizes for the most entertaining and the most culturally diverse Mingle Millipedes. (Think Congo lines!)

Entry Fees make a difference

The Intercultural Family Picnic day and Communities At Work MarchMingle walks are open to everyone, with optional entry fees that go towards supporting families in need.

By paying the entry fee, you get a chance to win exciting prizes, whilst also contributing to your community. On the day, you’ll receive an exclusive wristband to identify you as being eligible to win prizes.

All funds raised from entry fees and donations at the picnic will go towards restocking the Communities at Work food pantries to help families in need.

All walkers with an Aussie Peace Walk passport will qualify to win prizes across the weekend in any event or activity. 

Hurry and get your entries in. If you are planning on entering walks of 12km or longer, make sure you enter before midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time before the late fee prices kick in.

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