2024 What to Expect

Wear clothing or carry a flag to identify the country you are representing. Be open to making new friends from all walks of life and all parts of the globe.

There is a lot of information here, but we encourage you to take the time to read this page. It will answer many questions you may have and help to make your Aussie Peace Walk and MarchMingle experience more enjoyable.

As you share the experience of walking together over the weekend, we encourage you to take the time to reflect. Please start conversations with other walkers, get to know each other and be ready to share just a little of yourself.

MarchMingle (7km) 

Registration cards for the MarchMingle 7km walks can be collected at Albert Hall on Friday afternoon or at Lennox Gardens from 9am on Saturday; or at Albert Hall from 7.15am on Sunday if you are taking part in the Sunday Bush ‘n’ Back 7km MarchMingle walk.

Saturday MarchMingle (7km) Late Entries

The Lennox Gardens registration desk will be open from 9am on Saturday morning for MarchMingle walk late entries and Intercultural Family Picnic registrations.

MarchMingle 7km walkers only walking on Sunday will need to sign-in at Albert Hall prior to the walk and collect your walk card.

NOTE: there will be an event briefing 10 minutes before the start, so please be at the start line at least 10 minutes before your walk.

inside Albert Hall


All walkers doing 12km or further will need to collect their event packs with their event passports from Albert Hall prior to their event.

Friday Pack Collection (12km+)

Event packs will be available for collection from Albert Hall on Friday 22nd, March 2024, between 12 noon and 4:30pm.

Albert Hall will close for the Flag Parade and Opening Ceremony and reopen from 6:15pm to 7pm.

Albert Hall will open at 6:45am on Saturday 23 and 7:15am on Sunday 24.

Please try to collect your pack on Friday to make it easier for busy volunteers on Saturday morning.

Greg Yidinji will be performing at the opening ceremony of the 2024 Aussie Peace Walk. You can chat with him at Albert Hall on Friday afternoon and Saturday, where he will also have some of his beautiful artwork on sale.

If you are thinking of purchasing some Indigenous Australian artwork, we recommend buying direct from the artist.

Check Your Registration Information

When you collect your passport, please carefully check your Aussie Peace Walk registration to confirm the distances you are walking each day and your emergency contact details.

Each distance has a different start time. Make a note of your start times for Saturday and Sunday. Remember that you will need to be at the start at least 10 minutes before your event for the start briefing. 

If you feel you would like to change either of the distances you are walking, you can do so on the morning of the walk by notifying the volunteers at the check-in desk.

Most participants are walking on both days of the weekend. If you registered to walk just one day, it is not too late to walk both days and earn the Aussie Peace Walk Two-Day Walker Medal (12km and longer only). Just ask the volunteers when you check-in, and pay the difference for the extra day.

Above: The song, ‘Peace in the Heart’, performed by Alex Coffey, was written as the Aussie Peace Walk theme song in 2021. The video was shot in 2023 along the Sunday 24km walk. 

Food & Drinks on The Weekend

Early morning coffee

A coffee van will be at Albert Hall from 6.30am on Saturday and 7am on Sunday for those who enjoy a cup in the morning. 

Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts will sell light lunch offering of sandwiches, wraps, snacks and various beverages in the dining room next to the foyer at Albert Hall from 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra will run a BBQ making hamburgers and sausage sandwiches at Lennox Gardens between 10am and 2pm (unless they run out of food before 2pm!). These will be available for a donation. All money raised from the BBQ will go to Communities at Work to help families in need.

There will also be a coffee van and a Gelato Cart at Lennox Gardens from 10am to 2pm (or earlier if they run out of food or customers). And there are a few other family activities at Lennox Gardens – check out the Intercultural Family Picnic page to find out what’s happening.

Food On The Course On Saturday

Saturday 42km, 21km East and 12km walkers have a checkpoint at Poppy’s café at the Australian War Memorial. Stop and enjoy a refreshing drink and snack in the grounds of one of Australia’s most iconic buildings.

42km and 21km East walkers will walk along Kingston Foreshore past a number of excellent cafes and coffee shops. Stopping for a snack or relaxing coffee is a nice experience.

NOTE: The final checkpoint of this route is after Kingston Foreshore and closes at 2.15pm

Food On The Course On Sunday

At the Nepalese Checkoint

The first checkpoint all Sunday walkers will pass is the Reach for Nepal checkpoint, roughly 2km into the walk. 

Volunteers on this checkpoint will have some tasty treats available for you to enjoy:

  • Nepalese Masala Tea: $4
  • Samosa (vegetable pastry): 1pc $5, 2pcs $8
  • Chicken Momos: 6pc $10, 10pc $15

All proceeds will go toward helping those in need in Nepal.

At the National Arboretum Checkpoint

24km walkers will have the opportunity to stop for refreshments at their third checkpoint at the National Arboretum, roughly 10km into the walk.

At the Botanic Gardens Checkpoint

Many 24km walkers stop for something to eat or drink at the cafe in the Botanic Gardens, which is their 5th checkpoint.

Relaxing after a long walk

Beer and Wine at the finish

We will have beer on sale inside Albert Hall on Friday and Saturday afternoon. The House of Bubbles will be at Albert Hall on Sunday from 11am, so be sure to enjoy a bubbly beverage from their 1950s Citroen van. 

2023 passport

Inside Your Passport

You must carry your Event Passport each day you are walking. Volunteers will stamp your passport at each checkpoint on your route to provide proof that you completed the walks. This is essential for those claiming IML and IVV credits.

(Photo shown is the passport from the 2023 Aussie Peace Walk)

Personalised Passports (12km+)

Your event pack will contain your walking passport and lanyard. Inside are small maps of each walk with a QR code that puts the map on your phone so you can follow along as you walk.

If you registered before the online cut-off date, your passport will be personalised with your name and details on the cover. On the back cover will be your emergency contact’s phone number and any medical information you provided in case the medical support team need it.

If you registered after the cut-off date, you will still receive a passport, it will just not be personalised for you.

Inside your passport, you will notice spaces for stamps. As you walk around the routes, your passport will be stamped at each checkpoint. You must collect the correct stamps on your route to qualify for the two-day finisher’s medal.

2021 passports

Above: Our first passport in 2021.

We ask that you hand the lanyards back after you finish your last walk so they can be used again next year.

Please keep your passport as a souvenir of the event.

The Start

Every event has a start window of 10 minutes. This means that if you are running late, you can still start.

You cannot start outside the timeframe because checkpoints may not be manned. Also, at the end of the start window, a tail walker will follow the last person to leave in each walk. Their job is to ALWAYS be the last to finish.

Guide walkers who know the route will be wearing orange fluro vests. If you are in doubt about the route, find and walk with one of the guide walkers.

The tail-walker will wear a green fluro vest and will be the last walker in each event, collecting route marking signs. When the final tail-walker passes each checkpoint, they will then pack up the checkpoint.

DO NOT start after the tail-walker. DO NOT let the tail-walker pass you.

Route Maps

If you want more detail than is available on the small maps in your passport, we offer a few options:

  • Scan the QR code on the map in your passport.

RouteYou mapThis will bring the map up on your phone using a service called RouteYou. The first page may say ‘install our free app’. (DO NOT do this) Click ‘Not Now’, you do not need to create an account on this site. When you see the map, there will be a screen to accept cookies. These are needed to locate you on the route.

When you are ready to start, click the small green ’START’  button on the bottom right of the map. The map will show your location on the route. If you use other applications such as the camera on your phone, and return to the map, click the small crosshair icon on the right to find your location.

  • There will be walk guides and signs along all routes. You can just follow our walk guides who are wearing fluorescent vests.
  • If you’d like a printed paper copy of the maps, you can download an A4 size map and print the one you want before the event.
    Download Saturday Maps Here.
    Download Sunday Maps Here.
ringing the bell

Ring the Peace Bell

On Saturday morning, the first checkpoint will be at the Peace Bell for the 42km, 21km East and 12km walkers. It is also a checkpoint for the MiniMingle.

The bell will be set up with the striker for participants to ceremoniously ‘bong’ and say a few words of peace. This is a great place for a momento photo of your group.

The Bell will be set up until the MiniMingle has finished (approximately 11.30am) or longer if required.

Remember, it isn’t a race. Take the time to stop and gong the Peace Bell.

Parking 2024


Free Parking is available nearby on Saturday and Sunday.

Note: The parking within the grounds of Albert Hall is reserved for official vehicles only. The Lennox Gardens carpark will be accessible only by event-approved vehicles and closed to the public until 3.00pm

There is parking around the precinct for hundreds of cars (orange marks on the map) which should be ample. There is also parking along some streets on the weekend. 

There is an underpass for pedestrians to go from the large carpark, under Commonwealth Avenue to Albert Hall. Walkers doing 42 (1/2 way), 21E and 12km Saturday walks, will also use this underpass on your way to the finish.

Public Transport

The bus “Rapid Routes” (R4, R5 or R7) stop immediately in front of Albert Hall (3 stops from the City and 3 stops from the Woden bus stations). For public transport, information visit Transport ACT

Check-in, Walking and the Finish

Check-in, Walking and the Finish

All walks start and finish at Albert Hall (the Control Centre for the event), except the Saturday MarchMingle 7km, which starts and finishes at Lennox Gardens.

sign in

Start Briefing 10 Minutes Before The Start.

There will be a start briefing for each walk commencing 10 minutes before the official start time. Please arrive at least 15 minites before your event to ensure you don’t miss the start briefing.

You must not start before the designated start time for your distance – the checkpoints are manned by volunteers at set times to cover each event and if you start early, the checkpoints may not be opened when you get to them.

If you are completing distances of 12km or longer, and after you have collected your event pack, you will NOT need to manually sign-on to each walk you are participating in. However, you will need to walk over the start mat at the beginning of the walk, and again at the end to record your start and finish. This will help us know if anyone is still out on the route and yet to return.

But don’t forget to go into Albert Hall and have your walk passport stamped with the finishing stamp. And on Sunday you will collect your 2-day walker finishers’ medal and/or 2024 bar. (2 *12km and above).

If you do not complete a walk, please notify the administration team so they can sign you off the route.

DO NOT start after the tail-walker. DO NOT let the tail-walker pass you.

Late Entries

There will be late entries taken on the day in Albert Hall. 

NOTE; if you want to do a late entry, please allow plenty of time before the commencement of the walk you wish to enter.

walk on the grass

You can walk on the grass if you prefer

The routes on Saturday are almost all on paths. Comfortable running or walking shoes are recommended. Hard surfaces can be tiring on the legs, particularly for marathon walkers.

You may walk on the grass beside the path to make it easier on your feet and lower legs for the long distance walks.

Note that on Sunday, all walks go along sections of dirt trails and more sturdy shoes are suggested.

Watch out for cyclists

Beware of Cyclists

Canberra is an active city and there are likely to be cyclists or runners on the same paths used by walkers. Please keep an eye out for bikes. These are all shared paths and we don’t want any accidents.



The walks will go ahead regardless of the weather. Fortunately, the weather is usually good for walking at this time of year, with cool starts each day.

Australia has one of the highest skin-cancer rates in the world. We encourage you to wear sun protection including sunscreen, regardless of the temperature when you start your walk.

We also have some rain ponchos available for purchase if the weather does become inclement. 

We advise walkers to carry your own water-bottle. Water is available at the checkpoints to refill your bottles.

Saturday Routes

The Saturday routes around Lake Burley Griffin are mostly on paved surfaces, with some grass and trail sections on the first half of the marathon route. Walkers may choose to walk on the grassy verge if they prefer. 

REMEMBER: This is not a race! Walk at your own pace and rest when needed. Running is not permitted.

Please note there are no dogs allowed on significant portions of the routes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday Routes

The Sunday routes can be challenging in places with some unpaved trail sections. Closed shoes are recommended for all walkers, and hiking poles will also be helpful if you usually use them. Water is available at each checkpoint, but we advise walkers to also carry water.

Remember, we will have tail-walkers removing the route signs and signalling when checkpoints can close. We do not recommend leaving the route because you may end up behind the tailwalker and get lost.

Please stay hydrated.

Even if it is not hot, walking long distances causes loss of moisture. (You don’t have to sweat to lose moisture, every time you breathe, you expel moisture. It is easy to dehydrate.)

We suggest you bring a water bottle and some snacks if you think you will feel hungry. Snacks are a good idea if you are on a long walk.

We will have water available at selected checkpoints but we won’t have disposable cups. Carrying a water bottle or drink is a necessity.

Medical Support

We have a very experienced and capable first responder medical team stationed at Lennox Gardens on Saturday and Albert Hall on Sunday. The emergency number and information is on the back of your passport.

For more information, read Medical Support.

Checklist of things to bring with you

Event Passport in your lanyard




Water Bottle

Snack (if required)

Jacket and/or Raincoat (hopefully not required)


First Aid requirements to suit yourself (eg asthma medication)

Money (for purchasing drinks, food, souvenirs, IML/IVV merchandise etc.)

IVV passports (if applicable – bring each day) 

IML passport (if applicable – bring on Sunday – or hand in for checking on Friday or Saturday if claiming a special award)

Finishing, Medals and Awards

All walkers will probably be finished by 4 pm on both days.

At the end of your walk each day, you need to report to the Control Centre to have your name checked off and collect the relevant awards.

  • All one-day walkers completing 12km or more will get a finisher’s certificate.
  • All finishers of the Saturday Marathon will be awarded a Commemorative Marathon pin on Saturday on completion of their marathon walk.
  • All two-day walkers (12km+) that did not do the event in 2022 or 2023 will be awarded the Commemorative Two-Day Walker medal after the completion of their second walk on Sunday. Walkers who have a 2022 or 2023 medal will receive the new 2024 bar when they complete both days in 2024.

Closing Ceremony

We invite all walkers to stay for a small closing ceremony at Albert Hall after the walk on Sunday. 

Special prize draws will take place and if the winner is not in attendance, the prize will be redrawn.

Special awards will be presented to some IML walkers and the grand team prize will also be announced.

cool congo


There are many participation and fundraising prizes to be won.

Spot prizes will be given out by volunteers to participants demonstrating enthusiasm, sportsmanship, getting into the spirit of peace and community.

So come along and share the community spirit.

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