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What to Expect

Walk for peace; dress up or carry a flag to identify the country you are representing. Be open to making new friends from all walks of life and all parts of the globe.

passport map

Inside Your Passport

You must carry your Event Passport each day you are walking. Volunteers will stamp your passport at each checkpoint on your route to provide proof that you completed the walks. This is essential for those claiming IML and IVV credits.

In Your Event Pack

Your event pack will contain your walking Passport. Inside are small maps of each walk.

If you registered before the online cut-off time, your Passport will be personalised with your name and details on the cover. On the back cover will be your emergency contact’s number and any medical information you provided in case the medical support team need it.

On the maps inside your passport, you will notice spaces for stamps. As you walk around the routes, your passport will be stamped at each checkpoint. 

2021 passports

Personalised Passports

Enter before the standard registration cut-off date and your passport will be personalised and colour coded. A yellow dot indicates a two-day walker, a red dot indicates a Saturday walker and a purple dot indicates a Sunday walker.

We ask that you hand the lanyards back after you finish your last walk so they can be used again next year.

Please keep your passport as a souvenir of the event.

Route Maps

If you want more detail than is available in the small maps in your passport, we offer a few options:

Saturday and Sunday route maps are available on the website, together with GPX files for you to download onto your smartphone or GPS device if you wish (instructions are provided here).

Using the GPX files on your phone will enable you to use the GPS functionality of your phone to tell you exactly where you are on the route at all times.

If you want larger printed paper copies of maps, you can download A4 size versions of those in your passport and print them before the event.


Ring the Peace Bell

On Saturday, the Peace Bell will be set up with the striker for participants ceremoniously ‘bong’. Say a few words of peace and have your photo taken as a momento.

You don’t even need to find someone to hold the camera. A photographer will be waiting to take a photo for you.

Start, Check-in and Finish Arrangements

All walks start and finish at Albert Hall (the Control Centre for the event).

COVID Check-In

Your Passport has information about COVID safety on the back cover.

ACT Health requires all participants to check-in via the territory’s COVID tracing app. If you don’t have the Check In CBR app, you will need to download it from either Google Play or the Apple AppStore. 

Once you have the app, you can use it to scan the QR code conveniently printed on the back of your Passport. You only need to do this once for the weekend of the Rotary Aussie Peace Walk.

checkin at start

Check-In Before You Walk

The COVID check-in is separate from the Walk check-in. Before you start walking your chosen distance, you must sign in so organisers know how many people are out on the walks at any time.

This is a walking event with controlled start and finish time blocks. You are required to start within the designated start-block for your chosen distance. 

Walkers in the Sunday 12km

The Start

All the start times are available on the website for Saturday walks and Sunday walks.

Due to COVID-Safe practices, every event has a start window of 30 minuites. This means you can start anytime within that starting window.

You cannot start outside the timeframe because checkpoints may not be manned. Also, at the end of the start window, a tail walker will follow the last person to leave in each walk. Their job is to ALWAYS be the last to finish.

The tail-walker will collect route marking arrows and tell the volunteers manning checkpoints that they are the last one through and the checkpoint can pack up. 

DO NOT start after the tail-walker. DO NOT let the tail-walker pass you.

Late Entries

There will be late entries taken on the day at the check-in table. 

NOTE; if you want to do a late entry, please do so before the commencement of the walk you wish to enter.



The event will go ahead regardless of the weather. Fortunately, the forecast is looking good for walking, with cool starts each day.

Sun protection is advised regardless of the temperature when you start your walk.

Saturday Routes

The Saturday routes around Lake Burley Griffin are mostly on paved surfaces, with some grass and trail sections on the first half of the marathon route. Walkers may choose to walk on the grassy verge if they prefer. 

REMEMBER: This is not a race! Walk at your own pace and rest when needed. Running is not permitted.

Please note there are no dogs allowed on significant portions of the routes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday Routes

The Sunday routes can be challenging in places with some unpaved trail sections. Closed shoes are recommended for all walkers, and hiking poles will also be helpful if you usually use them. Water is available at each checkpoint, but we advise walkers to also carry water.

We will have tail-walkers removing the route signs and signalling when checkpoints can close. We do not recommend leaving the route because you may end up behind the sweep and get lost.

volunteers delivering water to checkpoints

Please stay hydrated.

Even if it is not hot, walking long distances caused loss of moisture. (You don’t have to sweat to lose moisture, every time you breathe, you expel moisture. It is easy to dehydrate.)

We suggest you bring one water bottle and some snacks if you think you will feel hungry. Snacks are a good idea if you are on a long walk.

We will have water available in 600ml bottles at each checkpoint.

Medical Support

We have a medical team stationed around the event for the weekend. The emergency number and information is on the back of your passport.

For more information, read Medical Support.

watermelon juice stand

You will also find Pacific Islanders at one checkpoint on each day handing out their deliciously refreshing watermelon, coconut and pineapple drink. 

Bring a Snack

No food is provided on the routes, however, there are a few cafe’s that you will pass on some of the routes. 

21km walkers will walk along Kingston Foreshore past a number of excellent cafes and coffee shops. Stopping for a snack or relaxing coffee is a nice experience.

New IML members sign up

At Albert Hall

Tea and scones will be available at Albert Hall, provided by the Zonta Club on Saturday and Sunday.

If bubbles and cheese plates are more to your thing, the House of Bubbles will be stationed at Albert Hall from 11 am on both days.

A coffee cart will also be parked at the start and later in the day at Albert Hall.

Checklist of things to bring with you

Event Passport in your lanyard




Water Bottle

Snack (if required)

Jacket and/or Raincoat (hopefully not required)


First Aid requirements to suit yourself (eg asthma medication)

Money (for purchasing drinks, food, souvenirs, IML/IVV merchandise etc.)

IVV passports (if applicable – bring each day) 

IML passport (if applicable – bring on Sunday – or hand in for checking on Friday or Saturday if claiming a special award)

Finishing, Medals and Awards

All walkers will probably be finished by 4 pm on both days.

At the end of your walk each day, you need to report to the Control Centre to have your name checked off and collect the relevant awards.

  • All one-day walkers will get a certificate of participation.
  • All finishers of the Saturday Marathon will be awarded a Commemorative Marathon pin on Saturday on completion of their marathon walk.
  • All two-day walkers will be awarded the Commemorative Two-Day Walker medal after the completion of their second walk on Sunday.

Closing Ceremony

We invite all walkers to stay for a small closing ceremony at Albert Hall after the walk on Sunday.  

Special awards will be presented to some IML walkers and the grand team prize will also be announced.



Don’t forget that there are several participation and fundraising prizes to be won.

There are a dozen House of Bubbles prizes that will be given out to participants by volunteers for demonstrating enthusiasm, sportsmanship, getting into the spirit of peace and for community spirit.

There is also a fabulous team prize for the team that entertains the other participants, demonstrates great camaraderie and friendliness. This prize is for 12 people. So even if you only have a team of six, you could still take 12 people to enjoy the prize.

Plus, there is a fabulous 5-Star luxury weekend away prize to be won for an enthusiastic fundraiser. 

More Prizes Will Be Announced in Janurary.


IML Walking Association (IML)

The IML is an international walking association with its own award system, and this event is an IML accredited event for those who walk the qualifying distance on both Saturday and Sunday. The minimum qualifying distance is 20km on both days. However, those who have turned 70 before 31 December 2019 need only walk a minimum of 10km each day. Proof of age may be requested.

Participation in this award program is ideal if you are interested in taking part in similar long-distance multi-day walking events in other countries. More information is available at the Control Centre or on our website.

If you are an IML walker, bring your IML Passports to obtain this year’s Rotary Aussie Peace Walk IML stamp after your walk on Sunday, between 1 and 4 pm. Walkers claiming special IML awards must present their IML passports to the IML desk by Saturday afternoon for checking.

On Sunday afternoon, IML Passports may also be purchased, as well as Australia Country Bars, and Medals and Pins for those who qualify. If you wish to buy an IML passport, please ensure you bring along a passport-sized photograph to paste into the passport.

Discover more about IML here.


International Volkssport Verband (IVV)

The IVV has also sanctioned this walk as a multi-day event. The IVV is another international association, with its own award system, with numerous accredited IVV walking events around the world and in Australia. You do not need to travel internationally to earn IVV awards. For more information please visit our IVV counter or read about IVV on the website.

Australian IVV record books may be purchased at the IVV counter at the end of each day, with a heavily discounted starter kit available for new IVV walkers. The cost of each record book covers the cost of the IVV awards once earned.

One IVV stamp per day and a record of the actual distance walked, will be recorded in walkers’ IVV books. There is no additional charge for the IVV stamps for the Aussie Peace Walks on Saturday and Sunday.

If you require IVV stamps for any other walks you have completed in Australia, please bring $5/stamp and your IVV books for stamping on Friday afternoon before the AussieWalk Welcome Walk. 

Discover more about IVV events here.

What is The two-day challenge?

Everyone who completes the two-day challenge will get a special commemorative medal. 

The 2021 Aussie Peace Walk was held in commoration of the 100 years of Rotary service in Australia and New Zealand.  

A special medal was struck to commemorate the 1st Rotary Aussie Peace Walk on one side and the 30th Canberra Two-Day Walk on the other. 

Each of the Sunday walks will pass this point.

Sunday walks include 7km, 12km and 24km.


You will walk past this point on Saturday in the 12km, 21km and 42km walks.

AussiePeaceWalk-Anzac parade

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